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Sunday, June 23, 2013

How to Cut Jeans Into Shorts

Hey Fashionista! 

I know I don't normally post on Sundays, but today I was inspired to create a quick video on Instagram showing everyone how easy it is to cut a pair of pants into shorts. And who doesn't like re-styling their clothes on a Sunday afternoon? Oh! Which reminds me! Did you hear that Instagram now has video capabilities on their site that allows users to share 15 second footage with their followers? Yep! I'm so excited about this because I can connect with you and share fashion tips in a fun and more interactive way- like, as if we're hanging out! :) So, go ahead and check out my 15 second video below on how to cut jeans into shorts with detailed steps listed below!

Step One: Lay your jeans flat on the floor. Measure from the crotch (sorry no better word for it! :) down 3" - make your mark on both sides.

Step Two: Fold one pant leg over the other. 

Step Three: Cut across.  Don't worry about cutting super straight because you're just going to fold them up.  

Step Four: Roll excess length up for a seamless look! 

If you have a pair of printed denim or random jeans that you don't like wearing anymore, make them into shorts with these easy steps! No need to spend extra money on this, all you need are scissors, a ruler and an old pair of jeans and you're all set! I hope you enjoyed today's impromptu post! See you tomorrow!

Your Fashion Coach

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