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Monday, June 3, 2013

5 Ways to Accessorize Your Swimwear

Hey Fashionista!

In my part of The Universe (a.k.a., Southern California), I've been blessed with blue skies and warm weather. Today it's in the mid 80's and all I really wanna do is lay out and swim in the pool! However, I noticed my usual bikini and cover-up duo has gotten pretty snooze-tastic lately. And what happens when I get bored with style? I dive into what I fondly call the "remix process" to come up with new ways to liven things up. 

Have you felt like that recently? Or maybe you just would like to know some fresh new ways to accessorize your swimwear? If so, then read on, and pick your favorite of the 5 ways to accessorize your swimwear, I listed below, that will satisfy your current taste in style. And.....most importantly.....get onto enjoying the fun and excitement bikini season has to offer!

For Your Inner-Preppy-Girl 

Bright hues and gold bling are classic accents to your swimwear that look stunning for days spent lounging on the beach or...on a yacht. :)

All you need are: a pair of fabulous over-sized sunglasses + a bright fitted sweater + gold watch and stacked bracelets!) 

Voila! Your yacht awaits!

For Your Inner-Wild-Child

If a hippy style is more your speed this summer, pair your bikini with a great graphic tee, a long beaded necklace, beaded bracelets and accent with a lovely hibiscus flower!

For Your Inner-Glamour-Puss!

One-piece suits aren't for grandma's.  However, if you aren't too careful, you could land in that zone.  To avoid that and to look more modern, try a belted one-piece swimsuit and layer it with long necklaces, bracelets and a fabulous beach hat. Who cares if you're jumping in the pool -- do those locks up and complete your glamorous poolside look!

For Your Inner-Bohemian-Beauty

An over-sized crochet blouse is always a winner during beach season. I love how effortlessly striking it can be when you get out of the water and throw one on. It makes life so much sweeter. My favorite accessory to pair with this look is a Fedora hat. (Shop this hat at my store!

For Your Inner-Sunflower

If you already have a Fedora, go for a bright hat and wear a chambray top with it! Layer a long necklace and you're totally chic for the beach! 

I hope you enjoyed learning about 5 ways to accessorize your swimwear! Which one are you excited to try out this summer? I'd love to know! Wishing you a fabulous Monday, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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