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Monday, June 10, 2013

3 Golden Rules to Balancing Prints & Color

Hey Fashionista!!

Two things are hot this summer: prints and vivacious colors.  When paired together in a balanced way, this combination can look stunning!  And if done wrong, it can look messy. Since this combination can be pretty tricky to pull off, I created 3 golden rules to balancing prints and colors so you can get it right every single time.  Read on for these easy tips that will get you looking fab this summer!

1. Balance: This a a biggie and the most important rule to balancing prints and color. If you're a new at this combination, pick ONE area you'd like to wear a print. For me, I chose polka dot denim.  Then pick the opposite piece in a solid color - (a chambray is a great basic and also considered a bold color since it infuses an outfit with a vibrant blue). That way ONE area will become to focal point of your outfit, which will create a sense of unity in your look.

2. Fit: This rule can be applied to any outfit (or any trend) you decide to wear this season. However, it's especially important to adhere to in this case to successfully put together prints and color. If you're wearing skinny jeans (like I am in this picture) then go for a top that's a little roomy but still gives you a good shape.  In other words, go a little tight on the bottom and keep it a little loose at the top. 

3. Accessorize: (My favorite part of the outfit process!) To avoid looking chaotic, pick jewelry (like a statement necklace!) that's a similar color to what you're already wearing. Since I am wearing a light blue chambray, I decided to go for a light blue bubble necklace (you can shop this one here!) or I could've gone the pink route too.  Make sure your shoes blend well with your colorful look too. Since they won't be the "focal point" of your look, make sure they support the overall tone by being subtle. A neutral color like gold usually works every time. 

Follow these 3 golden rules to balancing prints and color whenever you're dressing up for a date, a special occasion or just hanging out! It will always keep you looking hip for all the wonderful things to come! ((Oh, speaking of 'wonderful things' I'm having a 'Summer Sale' over at my Etsy Shop! Take 20% off your entire order until 6.16.2013!  Enter code: Summer! Check it out here!))  Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

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