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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What to Wear to A Music Festival

Hey Fashionista! We are weeks away from summer and you know what that means? It's music festival time! Oh, sure, Coachella and Stagecoach have come and gone. However, that doesn't mean there aren't more music festivals on the horizon (maybe in your town?) that will set your summer ablaze with reckless dancing, uncontrollable laughter and memories that will last a lifetime! With so many good times waiting to be had, I feel it's my civic duty as your fashion coach, to show you what to wear to a music festival -- so you'll look fabulous while creating all those special memories! ;)

Below, I've listed pieces you can pull together with what you already own or let this list serve you as a shopping guide to build your "outfit foundation" upon.  I've also listed money-saving tips in there that will help you save your dough for more important things like, festival beer. Ha jk. ;)

Shall we begin? Ok!

Racerback Tank + Cut-Off Shorts + Gladiator Sandals

The elements of this outfit work beautifully for a music festival because.... 1. shorts-and-tank combination will keep you cool.... 2. prints + multiple colors + trendy elements (like: chevron prints and  gladiator sandals!) bring style to your basics and......3. these pieces are comfortable! (Seriously, I could sleep in this outfit...ok, well, maybe minus the arm band. ;)

A Little DIY Tip: Take an old pair of pants and cut them into shorts.  Instead of giving them away you'll add new life to your clothes just by doing this one little tip. And, don't worry if you've never done this before. You literally take your pants, fold them sideways (so the legs fold on top of each other) and mark the side seam and cut!

Where did I get these? Scoop-back tank:; Shorts: From my BFF; Necklace: Payless; Arm Band:, Gladiator Sandals: Body Central

Chiffon Tank + Walking Shorts + Sandals

If you prefer a longer length in shorts, a walking short is a great alternative.  A basic denim dark wash accents a vibrant colored tank with flashy sandals and some bangles.  Just make sure you BREAK IN YOUR SANDALS before you go to a music festival. I learned the hard-way, which was not an awesome moment for me. :)

Where I got the goods: Tank: Boutique in Lake Elsinore, CA; Shorts:; Sandals:; Bangles: A mixture from and

Maxi Dress + Sandals

Whatever I wear, I always aim for comfort and style. A maxi dress and sandals accomplish both - effortlessly. Find a great maxi in a print or a solid, like mine, and make sure it fits you well so you know for sure you can dance in it! (If you're shopping for a new one, dance in it while you have it on in the dressing room- just to make sure it can keep up with you!) Top your look off with a pair of sandals and light accessories and you're done!

Where I got the maxi-dress:!

Racerback Tank + Maxi Skirt + Accessories

Last but not least! Try a maxi skirt with a cropped tank. Go for comfort with these two because you will be on your feet most of the day. 

A Little DIY Tip: Take a regular length racerback tank and cut it 1/4 of the way up from the bottom to transform it into the latest (and trendiest) style: cropped tank.  This will save you moola and revamp a top that might've been on the back burner! ;)

These items are from: Skirt: Mandarine (Manhattan Beach, CA) Top:; Necklace:

Alright, Fashionista!! Here is your complete guide on what to wear to a music festival. In case you have a weekend-long extravaganza, use these outfit ideas as a packing guide -- or pick your favorite one and wear it out!  I hope you enjoyed the money-saving tips too! ;) Wishing you a wonderful day and summer dancing until your heart's content!

Lots of Love,
Your Fashion Coach


  1. Very good, you are great. I have gotten a new sheepskin jacket from several day ago. It is very beautiful and the cut is very flattering.The length was perfect even the arms were long enough.


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