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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What to Wear to A Music Festival

Hey Fashionista! We are weeks away from summer and you know what that means? It's music festival time! Oh, sure, Coachella and Stagecoach have come and gone. However, that doesn't mean there aren't more music festivals on the horizon (maybe in your town?) that will set your summer ablaze with reckless dancing, uncontrollable laughter and memories that will last a lifetime! With so many good times waiting to be had, I feel it's my civic duty as your fashion coach, to show you what to wear to a music festival -- so you'll look fabulous while creating all those special memories! ;)

Below, I've listed pieces you can pull together with what you already own or let this list serve you as a shopping guide to build your "outfit foundation" upon.  I've also listed money-saving tips in there that will help you save your dough for more important things like, festival beer. Ha jk. ;)

Shall we begin? Ok!

Racerback Tank + Cut-Off Shorts + Gladiator Sandals

The elements of this outfit work beautifully for a music festival because.... 1. shorts-and-tank combination will keep you cool.... 2. prints + multiple colors + trendy elements (like: chevron prints and  gladiator sandals!) bring style to your basics and......3. these pieces are comfortable! (Seriously, I could sleep in this outfit...ok, well, maybe minus the arm band. ;)

A Little DIY Tip: Take an old pair of pants and cut them into shorts.  Instead of giving them away you'll add new life to your clothes just by doing this one little tip. And, don't worry if you've never done this before. You literally take your pants, fold them sideways (so the legs fold on top of each other) and mark the side seam and cut!

Where did I get these? Scoop-back tank:; Shorts: From my BFF; Necklace: Payless; Arm Band:, Gladiator Sandals: Body Central

Chiffon Tank + Walking Shorts + Sandals

If you prefer a longer length in shorts, a walking short is a great alternative.  A basic denim dark wash accents a vibrant colored tank with flashy sandals and some bangles.  Just make sure you BREAK IN YOUR SANDALS before you go to a music festival. I learned the hard-way, which was not an awesome moment for me. :)

Where I got the goods: Tank: Boutique in Lake Elsinore, CA; Shorts:; Sandals:; Bangles: A mixture from and

Maxi Dress + Sandals

Whatever I wear, I always aim for comfort and style. A maxi dress and sandals accomplish both - effortlessly. Find a great maxi in a print or a solid, like mine, and make sure it fits you well so you know for sure you can dance in it! (If you're shopping for a new one, dance in it while you have it on in the dressing room- just to make sure it can keep up with you!) Top your look off with a pair of sandals and light accessories and you're done!

Where I got the maxi-dress:!

Racerback Tank + Maxi Skirt + Accessories

Last but not least! Try a maxi skirt with a cropped tank. Go for comfort with these two because you will be on your feet most of the day. 

A Little DIY Tip: Take a regular length racerback tank and cut it 1/4 of the way up from the bottom to transform it into the latest (and trendiest) style: cropped tank.  This will save you moola and revamp a top that might've been on the back burner! ;)

These items are from: Skirt: Mandarine (Manhattan Beach, CA) Top:; Necklace:

Alright, Fashionista!! Here is your complete guide on what to wear to a music festival. In case you have a weekend-long extravaganza, use these outfit ideas as a packing guide -- or pick your favorite one and wear it out!  I hope you enjoyed the money-saving tips too! ;) Wishing you a wonderful day and summer dancing until your heart's content!

Lots of Love,
Your Fashion Coach

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Capturing Your Crush's Attention

Q:  Hi Amanda! I've got this new crush and I want to know some flirty outfits to snag his attention.  What are some?


A: Hi Rachel!

Aww, I'm so excited for you! New crushes are fun, especially because they make something mundane and ordinary (like school or work) feel extraordinary and exciting! What's not to love about that?!

Most magazines would give a list of outfits to capture your crush's attention, but here, I believe in creating style from the inside out. AND...When it comes to 'crushes,' attracting them is best done in the most authentic way possible.

Here's what I mean. 

Once upon a time, I believed in the "attracting" power of a hot outfit.  I bought a really CUTE yellow dress that was - yes- HOT, short and tight to impress my crush. But when I wore it I felt sooo UNCOMFORTABLE.  I kept fidgeting with the length because I feared it would pull up too high and show everythingggggggg! Not to mention, the top was very snug, which caused me to also worry about my 'girls' popping out. Exhausting! (LOL) So what happened when I saw my crush? I was way too distracted with a possible "wardrobe malfunction" that I spent no time getting to know the guy I liked!  Bummer.

So, instead of giving you an outfit formula on what you should wear (which may or may not reflect you), here's what I suggest you do, so you'll have a far better experience with your crush than I did!

This is where the "authentic" part comes in: I want you to go through your closet and pick out every item that makes YOU feel beautiful and comfortable.  You're going to talk to this person, they're going to get to know you, so it's important to feel fantastic in what you're wearing! Clothes are the foundation to confidence. :)

If you don't have anything in your closet to give you this feeling, look back on photos, either online or in a physical photo album.  See what you wore that made you feel beautiful.  Was it a pair of super comfortable but chic wedges? Were you wearing a certain color that made you feel extra glow-y inside?? Is there a certain type of dress you felt so good in? Take note of those details when looking back. Then go buy something similar.  Because when you wear it around your crush, you'll give off that vibe that only comes from being comfortable in your own skin!

If he lights up around your vibrant, lovely personality, then I can say for sure, you've found a keeper.  

If he doesn't, then trust me, you don't want a guy like that. Because a guy who is worthy of your time will be attracted by what you have to say, the way you think of things, how your smile lights up a room, rather than the way your body looks in tight jeans, or a low-cut top.  There is so much beauty in you that it would be silly to waste it on someone who does not appreciate all that you are. 

Soooo, Miss Rachel, get busy figuring out what clothes make you feel fabulous and let us know if your crush is a keeper!!

Thank you for your question!! 

Keep shinning sweet lady! 

Fashionista --- do you have a style question? Feel free to email me at info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com!

Your Fashion Coach

Photos Courtesy of:,, 

Monday, May 13, 2013

Bubble Necklace Giveaway!

Hey Fashionista! Guess what!!!!!!! Today's theeee 'Grand Opening' of my new Etsy shop!  {{Insert "happy dance" here!}} I know I haven't said much about it, in fact, I've been kinda quiet on the Facebook-front, because I guess, I was unsure of how I was going to do it...ever have that feeling??? I felt out of my element, picking out merchandise, deciding on my logo, and what not. So I put most of my energy into figuring out the details rather than sharing. Oops! ;)  So, now that I've got it figured out, I'll fill you in on the, NOW. :) 

Why did I open an Etsy shop? Long story short....My intense love affair with J.Crew bubble necklaces sparked a love connection with all statement necklaces of the 'bubble' variety. Not to my surprise, these necklaces weren't as affordable to stock up on as I would've liked.  'Chic' seems to come at a high price...or does it?  

I got curious and started looking around for more affordable options, which lead me to find bubble necklaces at a cost that was more conducive to compulsive buying. :) :) :) (Don't you just LOVE when that happens?) Now my Etsy shop houses affordable bubble necklaces and other 'chic' finds, so you CAN stock up on accessories, switch up your look and enjoy fashion within your budget! 

A win-win, right? ;) 

That brings me to my next offering......would you like to win a bubble necklace from my shop? If so, read below!

The DEETZ --> Contest starts NOW and ends Friday, May 17, 2013 @ 11:59pm PST. If you live outside of U.S., that's okay, you can participate in this giveaway too!

How do you enter? Simple!

Complete ALL of these steps: 

1. Follow The Fashionista Coach on Facebook

2. Follow The Fashionista Coach on Twitter

3. Follow The Fashionista Coach on Instagram

4. Follow The Fashionista Coach on Pinterest

5. Visit my store by clicking here and pick out your favorite item!

IMPORTANT STEP:  Let me know you've completed each step within your comment ON MY BLOG (in the comment section below this post). 

Don't worry about leaving a separate comment for each action. You can clump it into one comment. 

Example: "I am now following The Fashionista Coach on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. I love the pink bubble necklace!"


Bonus Entry: (This will put your name in the drawing TWICE.)  Announce this giveaway on ONE of your favorite social media channels (Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest/Instagram) and leave the direct link to your announcement with your entry.  

I will announce the winner on Saturday, May 18th!!!

Good luck, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, May 6, 2013

3 Fabulous Little White Dresses

Hey Fashionista! A couple week's ago I blogged about spring's most versatile dress that would surely help you save time (and money) picking out something to wear for all the events you have lined up! Well, I should've added 'the little white dress' to that post because like spring's most versatile dress, the little white dress will rise up to meet almost every occasion you throw at it. It too can work for many functions and occasions you have your heart set on this season.  If you want the particulars on the characteristics of a versatile dress, read my previous blog post here. Otherwise, read on to check out my list of the 3 fabulous little white dresses this season!

1. Eyelet White Dress

Oh, eyelet, how I love thee. This shift dress style is amaze-balls (yes, I just said it: amaze-ballsssssssssss ;) --- especially for work and play. I picked this little baby up at Delia's for $44.50 -- and added a pink bubble necklace (from my shop!) along with a gold belt and peep toe heels. 
For a professional look, I added a powder blue blazer that I got from Charlotte Russe for $32.99

2. Cotton White Dress

This white dress is a little more saucy because of the sheer detailing at the top. I would reserve this type of dress for nights out on the town...say, for a date or drinks with your favorite people. Since there was little detailing to this dress I decided to add a floral belt and pops of color in my bracelet - which you can purchase from my shop! The floral belt is from Loft and this fabulous little white dress is from Nasty Gal for $48!

3. White Knit Dress

This last little white dress is actually the most fabulous in my book. I have yet to get this one -- and actually, may order it when I'm through typing this post. This little lovely is from Victoria's Secret.  The price is a little steep however, super worth the splurge because you can truly wear this where ever you like. Personally, I'm imaging a wine tasting date in the country or dancing the night away.. ;) You can add your favorite accessories to make it your own. To me, dresses like that are gold!

So, Fashionista, which of the 3 fabulous little white dresses do you like best? Feel free to tell me in the comment section below! I hope you have a wonderful week!! Until next time....;)

Your Fashion Coach
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