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Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring's Most Versatile Dress!

Hey Fashionista! I am fanatical about finding the 'one' dress that can work for multiple events....especially the type of dress you can wear to work and transition into happy hour ---or the kind of dress you wear dolled up with heels or dress down casually with Converse. It saves time and money to have one magical dress that covers a lot of ground.  Recently, I found spring's most versatile dress from Delia's - (yes, I'll admit, I started shopping there when I was 16, but, seriously, their clothes are STILL so stinkin' cute! Which goes to show you that one can score a true fashion gem in the most unlikely place if your mind is kept open! ;) 

This dress is one of my favorites by far this season! 
I love pairing it with my red skinny belt and red wedges!

Since your schedule is going to fill up with many fabulous events, it's imperative to find a versatile dress to adapt to each affair.  If you take time this week to conquer this shopping task you will most certainly curtail those last minute bouts of anxiety when a colleague invites you to happy hour or better yet, that cutie unexpectedly asks you out for drinks after work.  Worth the time spent shopping ahead of time, don't you think? Oooh, as if I needed to give you an excuse to shop! ;)

I switched up the accessories with a shimmer black belt and a black bubble necklace 
(which you can purchase from my online shop!) 
I added my black suede wedges and I'm set for happy hour or a night out on the town!

The most important attribute about spring's most versatile dress is that it can transition with a few accessory changes in-between events. Choosing a dress that features short sleeves and highlights your waist (like mine above) is the perfect combination for a versatile dress. Patterns are also versatile as long as they're on a small and subtle scale - like the polka dots on my dress.  A low-key print is stylish and highly adaptable to many social get-togethers. 

(From the left) I love going to the horse-races in San Diego. So, I paired my red beach hat that I bought from Target with my Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses for a fun southern style!  (On the rightThis dress made a nice work-wear dress just by adding a blazer and switching out the shoes. The red belt contrasts nicely against my black blazer.

Last but not least, layer it up with belts, jackets, color, different types of shoes and jewelry! Pick a bold color for a stand-out, stylish effect! And thennnnn.....get ready to knock 'em dead, Fashionista! I hope you enjoyed today's post: spring's most versatile dress! Wishing you a fabulous week!

Your Fashion Coach

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