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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY: Remix Your Bikini

Hey Fashionista! Ta-daaaaa....swimsuit season is here....well, at least on the west coast. Right now it's a burning 80 degrees outside while I type this blog to you.  ((Don't worry, I haven't been stuck inside all day. I ran around in my bikini chasing after my dogs with a water gun and then....went for a swim. ;) 

But, before I terrorized my poor dogs----- I had a moment of clarity.  It struck while I was rummaging through my bikini drawer throwing every top and bottom behind me as I was singing my usual tune of --- "old-old-old-been-there-done-that-boring-nope-nope," I looked behind me suddenly realizing something: that bikini top would look sooooo cute with those bottoms!!! Then this DIY was born! And now here I am wanting to share how you can remix your bikini for a totally new look! 

Say you have a printed bikini set..... Take the bikini bottoms from that set-- choose a color from them to coordinate with another bikini top (like in the photo above)! This pairing works well together because this Fashionista pulled blue from her bottoms to make a polished statement at the top. And she used an un-traditional bikini top to emphasis her swimwear style -- which looks ultra chic! Don't ya think??

If you have a bunch of solid color bikinis - no problem! Mix and match it with other fun colors. I promise, it will look striking!

If you're not entirely thrilled about the options you come up with, you can ALWAYS purchase a new top to go with your favorite bikini bottoms - or vice versa. And, if you're already forking out the dough,  why limit yourself to the same old triangle top or hip hugging bottoms?  Try a fringe bikini top (like the picture above!) Or high-waist bottoms! (I just bought these and LOVEEEEE them!) This alternate option is still very affordable and will keep your budget-saavy self happy!  :)

Seriously, some of the cutest bikinis are mixed-and-matched prints/colors!  (This is what makes style - even in the swimsuit department- fun and refreshing!I hope you enjoyed today's DIY: remix your bikini post.  Feel free to show us what you came up with on my Fan Page! I wish you a wonderful week under the sun!

Love From California,
Your Fashion Coach

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  1. Where is the bikinis from the top pictures from? :-)

  2. Hi Natasja! I got this image from However, you can find similar suits at - and I believe they're having a huge sale on them as well! I hope that helps - good luck! :)


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