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Monday, April 22, 2013

5 Ways to Organize Spring Accessories

Hey Fashionista! Lately, I've been spending my time re-organizing my closets, desk, bathrooms, drawers, accessories, shoes, and garage - even. While re-doing each area, I came across some useful ideas on Pinterest to help me become successful at this endeavor. I weeded through a ton of lists and narrowed it down to a few ideas that pertain to fashion and style (I doubt garage organization interests you?:) Instead, I compiled a list of  5 ways to organize spring accessories.  Take out your iPhone or Blackberry and jot down these ideas to put into action tonight! It will help you know what you own!

1. Flip Flops

We all know how easy it is to stock up on flip flops - especially during spring (and summer!!). Instead of filling them up on the floor or shoe rack, grab a basket and nicely stack your flip flops inside. Put the basket on the floor or on your shoe shelf and be amazed at how much room you're saving.

2. Denim Shorts

Okay, so not really an "accessory" but shorts are essential for warm weather in spring! This idea blew me away because I have broken more pant hangers trying to hang multiple shorts at once! This tip is sooo simple...all you need are shower curtain rings and voila! Your shorts are neatly hung in your closet. 

3. Nail Polish

Am I the only one who changes nail polish as frequently as underwear? I swear, I am in love with every spring nail polish out there, I have to switch it up often! Now that my secret is out (and maybe you can relate?) makes sense having your nail polish in sight, right?!  Pick up a cute glass container from a secondhand store and stack your cutest nail polish inside. You can display it on your jewelry table or wherever the heck you'd like to look at it! 

4. Bracelets
Idea from:

Spring = BBQ's and beer in my book. How about yours? Why not save a couple long-necks  from your next party and use them to hold and display your bracelets?? My bracelets are out of control right now-- I'm totally going to have to use this tip! ;)

5. Scarves

Scarves are an essential spring accessory. Since you most likely have more than one scarf, grab one wooden hanger and a set of shower rings to hang them on. This does not take up any room whatsoever in your closet AND you'll see what options you have available when dressing each day. 

If you would like to know more than just 5 ways to organize your spring accessories, check out my Organization Board on Pinterest! It covers clothing, accessory and home organization tips that will hopefully help you accomplish your trickiest tasks. I hope this post inspires you to kick start your spring cleaning into action! Have fun with this, Fashionista! Wishing you a fantastic week!

Your Fashion Coach

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Tod's Driving Shoes

Q: Hi Amanda!

Question for my favorite Fashionista: Where can I either find Tod's Driving Shoes for cheap, or, find something similar


Southern California

A: Hey Natalie!

Awesome question! I didn't have much success finding a pair of Tod's Driving Shoes at a cheaper price. However, I did find a couple alternate loafers that range from $16-$125.  Not sure if you're into prints or just want a solid color, so I found both for ya!

1. Cole Haan @ Zappos- about $100- with a ton of CUTE colors and is the most similar to Tod's.

2. Victoria's Secrets Monogram Loafers - price ranging between $88-$125! (Lots of cute prints and colors with this one!)

3. Body Central Loafers $15.99! These loafers have the same shape but are little more basic.  However, the price is unbeatable and stripes in my book are awesome!! ;)

Thank you for your question, Natalie! 

Fashionista --- If you have a question, please reach out and ask! My email address is info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com --or-- leave a comment below!

Your Fashion Coach

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring's Most Versatile Dress!

Hey Fashionista! I am fanatical about finding the 'one' dress that can work for multiple events....especially the type of dress you can wear to work and transition into happy hour ---or the kind of dress you wear dolled up with heels or dress down casually with Converse. It saves time and money to have one magical dress that covers a lot of ground.  Recently, I found spring's most versatile dress from Delia's - (yes, I'll admit, I started shopping there when I was 16, but, seriously, their clothes are STILL so stinkin' cute! Which goes to show you that one can score a true fashion gem in the most unlikely place if your mind is kept open! ;) 

This dress is one of my favorites by far this season! 
I love pairing it with my red skinny belt and red wedges!

Since your schedule is going to fill up with many fabulous events, it's imperative to find a versatile dress to adapt to each affair.  If you take time this week to conquer this shopping task you will most certainly curtail those last minute bouts of anxiety when a colleague invites you to happy hour or better yet, that cutie unexpectedly asks you out for drinks after work.  Worth the time spent shopping ahead of time, don't you think? Oooh, as if I needed to give you an excuse to shop! ;)

I switched up the accessories with a shimmer black belt and a black bubble necklace 
(which you can purchase from my online shop!) 
I added my black suede wedges and I'm set for happy hour or a night out on the town!

The most important attribute about spring's most versatile dress is that it can transition with a few accessory changes in-between events. Choosing a dress that features short sleeves and highlights your waist (like mine above) is the perfect combination for a versatile dress. Patterns are also versatile as long as they're on a small and subtle scale - like the polka dots on my dress.  A low-key print is stylish and highly adaptable to many social get-togethers. 

(From the left) I love going to the horse-races in San Diego. So, I paired my red beach hat that I bought from Target with my Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses for a fun southern style!  (On the rightThis dress made a nice work-wear dress just by adding a blazer and switching out the shoes. The red belt contrasts nicely against my black blazer.

Last but not least, layer it up with belts, jackets, color, different types of shoes and jewelry! Pick a bold color for a stand-out, stylish effect! And thennnnn.....get ready to knock 'em dead, Fashionista! I hope you enjoyed today's post: spring's most versatile dress! Wishing you a fabulous week!

Your Fashion Coach

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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

DIY: Remix Your Bikini

Hey Fashionista! Ta-daaaaa....swimsuit season is here....well, at least on the west coast. Right now it's a burning 80 degrees outside while I type this blog to you.  ((Don't worry, I haven't been stuck inside all day. I ran around in my bikini chasing after my dogs with a water gun and then....went for a swim. ;) 

But, before I terrorized my poor dogs----- I had a moment of clarity.  It struck while I was rummaging through my bikini drawer throwing every top and bottom behind me as I was singing my usual tune of --- "old-old-old-been-there-done-that-boring-nope-nope," I looked behind me suddenly realizing something: that bikini top would look sooooo cute with those bottoms!!! Then this DIY was born! And now here I am wanting to share how you can remix your bikini for a totally new look! 

Say you have a printed bikini set..... Take the bikini bottoms from that set-- choose a color from them to coordinate with another bikini top (like in the photo above)! This pairing works well together because this Fashionista pulled blue from her bottoms to make a polished statement at the top. And she used an un-traditional bikini top to emphasis her swimwear style -- which looks ultra chic! Don't ya think??

If you have a bunch of solid color bikinis - no problem! Mix and match it with other fun colors. I promise, it will look striking!

If you're not entirely thrilled about the options you come up with, you can ALWAYS purchase a new top to go with your favorite bikini bottoms - or vice versa. And, if you're already forking out the dough,  why limit yourself to the same old triangle top or hip hugging bottoms?  Try a fringe bikini top (like the picture above!) Or high-waist bottoms! (I just bought these and LOVEEEEE them!) This alternate option is still very affordable and will keep your budget-saavy self happy!  :)

Seriously, some of the cutest bikinis are mixed-and-matched prints/colors!  (This is what makes style - even in the swimsuit department- fun and refreshing!I hope you enjoyed today's DIY: remix your bikini post.  Feel free to show us what you came up with on my Fan Page! I wish you a wonderful week under the sun!

Love From California,
Your Fashion Coach

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Monday, April 1, 2013

How to Create Resort Style

Good Morning, Fashionista! Bright hues and color-blocking are a favorable spring trend right now. They almost remind me of resort style that you'd normally see during summer time, vacationing in Mexico....or the Bahamas. And since many may vacate to exotic-ish locations during spring (and many may not), I felt you would benefit from learning how to create resort style so you can enjoy the fabulous side-effect of looking utterly ravishing! ;)

The simplest way to create resort style is to think bright and simple. Start with a maxi dress (which, are a huge trend now) -- preferably in a bright, bold color; add a statement necklace and a few bracelets. What better way to create effortless resort style than adding a great pair of wedges or gladiator sandals? 

Just make sure your accessories are in a striking color for optimal effect to your resort style. Now, go raid your closet, pull out your maxi dresses and accessories. Start mixing and matching to create resort style! I hope you enjoyed today's post, Fashionista. Wishing you a marvelous week!

Your Fashion Coach

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