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Monday, March 25, 2013

How to Re-Style Your Dress

Hey Fashionista!  I'm really excited about today's blog post: How to Re-Style Your Dress becauseeeeeeee it's the perfect solution to those oh-so-frequent wardrobe meltdowns --- you know.... the times you're frantically searching for an awesome outfit within minutes of being late to a date or special event? Yeah. That one.

I was in this predicament recently and discovered how to re-style my dress for a brand new look! 

I should warn you, it's not the kind of tip you're thinking......

Here it is!!

Take a dress with a simple silhouette like mine below....

And, find a SKIRT that matches the bottom half of your dress and LAYER it! 
For example, a high-waist, a-line skirt layers well with this silhouette because it mimics the shape.  

In order to seamlessly pull this look off, the skirt must be the same length (or longer) of the dress. 

Here are the few other looks I came up with when I re-styled my dress...

This creation was my favorite, because I love ruffles and glamorous details. 
This works beautifully for special events and/or occasions that call for dressing up.
All I did was layer my skirt on top of my dress.
It was the right length to overlap and cover the bottom portion of my dress.

I happened to have another a-line skirt to match the length of this dress. 
Fashion Tip: If your alternate dress consists of darker hues, then make sure you add a pop of color with a great statement necklace. 

Last but not least, my white a-line skirt with the navy top works very well together for this re-style.

When you're in a bind, and minutes away from your date, come back to this post: How to Re-Style Your Dress to remind you that you CAN create a brand new look with the clothes you already own. It just takes a patient eye to match up silhouettes and a few accessories to pull everything together! I hope you enjoyed today's post, Fashionista! Wishing you a wonderful week!

Your Fashion Coach

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  1. Love this, I did this with an orange dress and a cream tulle skirt in my post Shuffling..

    It is something most don't think to do.. Maybe we will start a trend!



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