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Monday, January 21, 2013

One Priceless Way to Build a New Wardrobe

Hey Fashionista! I know many of you wished for a million dollars to spend on a new wardrobe. Or wished for a stylist to build one for you. Many of us do not have the luxury (yet) to either option, but the good news is that you don't have to have tons of money or a full time stylist to achieve a beautiful new wardrobe. You can attain this with the budget you have and with this tip I'm about to share with you.   In fact, if you do this (or stop doing the thing that's keeping you stuck) then you are on your way to super-sized style! Ready to learn one priceless way to build a new wardrobe?

The one thing we tend to do when we're shopping is buy something similar to what we already own. Say for example, you love the color pink. You're shopping for a new scarf and you gravitate towards a pink scarf. The only problem is that you have 10 scarves with some sort of pink variation! You're probably thinking "Amanda, pink is my SIGNATURE color." And I'd say "YOU ROCK!" Pink is my fave too. However, if you're yearning for a fresh look, and are stuck in a "style-rut" - you MUST add new color, prints and patterns to your wardrobe- THAT YOU DON'T ALREADY OWN. This method applies to anything you have multiples of...5 stripe shirts, multiple pairs of dark wash jeans, brown sandals. Anything you tend to buy over and over again, is a good indicator it's time to make a NEW selection. 

So, instead of a stripe top, go for a graphic tee. Instead of a brown pair of sandals, go for white or black! Instead of dark wash jeans, go for a printed jean. If any of this terrifies you, you can always use my method: buy it on sale! That way if you can't stand it, hate it or found another color/print/style that suits you better (that isn't your typical go-to) you'll be happy you didn't spend tons of money on it. Or, just keep your receipt for a full-priced purchase and return it. :)

Just by taking in this little step, you will have a new, fresh and exciting wardrobe. Notice how this one priceless way to build a new wardrobe doesn't require a million dollars? And it certainly does not require a stylist....well, I am one, but, this is a free tip! Try this shopping tip out! Tell me: Do you have one color or style you go for over and over again? Please share with me in the comment section below! Have a beautiful day, Fashionista.

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