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Monday, January 7, 2013

Layer Winter Leg Accessories

Hey Fashionista!!
It's officially winter time in the U.S. -- woo hoo! 
Are you loving it so far? I've got plans to hit the mountains and sled with my honey. No, skiing or snowboarding for me. I don't know how to do that. Besides, I like the free-ness of sitting on a piece of plastic and flying down hills! :)
We all know winter weather is chilly-willy, which normally prevents us from wearing dresses.  With this style tip I am about to share with you, that will be a thing of the past!  
The next time you'd like to wear a dress to let's say out on a date, layer these winter accessories with them!

The Style Formula!
Your Favorite Dress + Black Patterned Tights + Boot Socks + Boots!  

I LOVE the black heart tights in the picture above.  You can find a pair at Forever 21 for just under $6! Then, layer them with off-white boot socks. Foot Traffic has them for $10. The contrast of these two opposite colors are fabulous, warm and full of flair.

Then choose a slouchy GRAY boot that rises mid-calf.  I suggest wearing a mid-rise boot so you can really see your boot socks. It's pointless to wear cute boot socks with tall boots because you can't see them! You can pick a pair up from Payless for under $30! 

Or, you can choose to wear a sleek pair of rain boots paired with classic black tights and gray boot socks.  Remember, Fashionista, you're not limited to black, gray and white. You can mix and match other colors too! 

There ya have it! All you have to do is layer winter leg accessories to look fabulous while staying warm! Cheers to that! I hope you have a wonderful day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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