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Monday, January 14, 2013

How to Create Rainy Day Style

Hey Fashionista! Here in Southern California, we've been blessed with lots of rain. This is fantastic news because last year was very dry. Hardly any rain. :/ In my opinion, winter isn't winter without rain drops and rain boots!  

While rain is a good thing (as said by the hunky Luke Bryan!), the weather can be depressing if it rains for an extended period of time.  It's important to make your rainy day style FUN.  Pick vibrant colors or playful prints. And, please, forget boring, stiff, and dull colors. They'll make you despise gloomy weather. When really, you should feel awesome in the rain! So, let's look at the main components of rainy day style. 

Yes, a jacket is a no-brainer when it comes to rainy day style. However, there's a difference in the type of coats that can withstand the length of time you'll be in wet conditions. If you walk to work in the rain or will be doing any kind of activity for long periods of time, a waterproof jacket is necessary. However, if you're out in the rain for a short time, let's say to get out of the car to run into the coffee shop or to work, you can get away with a wool-blend coat - which is one of the most highly-produced coats and is cost-effective!

I freaking love umbrellas. They are fun and add loads of flair to your rainy day style. There's no limit to the amount of cute prints and patterns you can implement into your ensemble. One of my favorite retailers sells cute ones for as low as $2.99! Check them out at Forever 21 here. In fact, I feel it's better to buy a cute inexpensive umbrella because the wind can be kind of a jerk and snap that puppy in half. Oh yeah...I've definitely been there!  If that does happen to you, at least you won't be upset that you spent a ton of money on it. Save your money and pick up a cute inexpensive one instead.

Rain boots are the best shoes to wear out in the rain. They're comfortable, waterproof and colorful. Target has a great selection of prints and colors for as low as $29. Also, faux leather boots or treated leather work great for the rain also. I love wearing my boots from Victoria's Secrets. They withstand the rain pretty well!

Lastly, scarves are another rainy day style 'do.' They keep our necks warm and add even more style to cool winter days. You can keep it classy with a black cashmere scarf, or go for vibrant-print fleece for added flair. You have a lot more room here to incorporate any material you prefer. 

No matter what occasion you're participating in or what you're wearing, these pieces will serve you well on a rainy day. I hope you enjoyed today's post! Please feel free to leave a comment below with any thoughts or questions. Have a wonderful day, Fashionista!

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