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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Re-Styling Summer Dress for Holiday Style!

Hey Fashionista! I am happy to report that I am writing more this month than I originally planned. I don't know if it's the Christmas season or all the candy canes I've inhaled but, I felt this topic was worth mentioning because re-styling your summer dress for a holiday party will save you money and is easy to do! So I invite you to check out this outfit idea and get ready to open up your closet! 

How I pulled this look together...
I found my favorite white summer strapless dress hanging in the back of my closet and it dawned on me to re-style this frock for upcoming holiday parties! Shopping Tip: Whenever you buy pieces like, dresses, go for white and black because they can always be re-styled for future occasions and seasons. 

Then, my sparkling gold belt (which was passed down to me from my Great Grandmother! :) caught my attention. Gold is ALWAYS a good choice for holiday parties! I added it to the waistline of this dress.  

With just these two pieces... 
My re-styled summer dress became holiday appropriate. In an effort to carry on with this theme, I found my gold Kate Spade tote, which led me to my nude Steve Madden patent leather pumps! Coordinating like colors, is the fastest and easiest way to come up with a fashionable ensemble for parties. 

This is what these gold accessories looked like together...

I felt the need to make it casual without compromising glamour! I changed the shoes and added a scarf. At first I bundled it around my neck, but I wasn't quite satisfied with it so, I put my scarf down, around my neck and let it dangle around my dress. Then I placed the belt around the scarf at the waistline. 

I switched out my platforms, and put bohemian boots on. I kept my Kate Spade purse to keep the dressy appeal. Then for a fun Anthropologie styled accessory, I pinned my pink flower to a piece of glittered string that was left over from gift-wrapping. 

Re-styling my summer dress for holiday style was a lot of fun and super easy to do! All you need to do is find a simple black, white, or red dress that's sitting in your closet. Adorn it with gold or silver accessories. Depending on your comfort-level (casual or fancy), style with a few simple accessories. Enjoy your holiday style, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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