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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Tall Brown Boots

"What types of outfits match tall brown boots?"

Q: Hi Amanda!

I have a pair of tall brown coach winter boots. What is the best outfit to match this with?

- Luci
New Jersey

A: Hi Luci!

Coach boots? Luck you! Tall brown boots easily match just about everything! Another important thing to note: Coach makes a great quality boot that lasts for many years to come!

The best way to answer your question effectively is to categorize by occasion. 

Let's start with casual wear. The easiest way to wear tall brown boots is to pair them with skinny jeans (or leggings!) + your favorite t-shirt or sweater  + scarf. Mix in some patterns at the top of your outfit, like say a patterned tee with a leopard scarf. This little addition will infuse your outfit with ample style.  

Now, if you're looking to go out to a restaurant or bar with friends, wear a long-sleeve shirt dress. Add textured tights with your boots and a scarf and jacket. It looks fun and modernistic for an evening out. Don't have a shirt dress? No problem! Grab your favorite skirt, add tights, a cute top and jacket! 

Now, if you work in an office and need a professional look, you can always pair these with a nice dress, professional tote, add a belt and a nice sweater or blazer. It looks polished and put together for a professional atmosphere. 

I hope that helps, Luci! Enjoy your Coach boots!

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  1. Just spotted this helpful q&a. I'm figuring out what color my first boots/booties should be; we're moving from FL to VT and I forgot how to wear anything by sandals! For example, I do have lots of thermal cowl necks (don't ask!) and would like to wear them with brown boots and a skirt. What color skirt and tights would I wear? Unsure how to color match the tights especially. Thank you!

  2. Hi Becca! Such a great question. (And P.S. - I love thermal cowl necks too; perfect for Fall! ;) I'm going to get back to you with an answer about skirt color and tights to wear for fall -shortly! <3 <3 <3


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