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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Easy New Year's Eve Party Looks

Hey Fashionista! If you're reading this, hooray! the world did not end. We're alive and well on our way to 2013! And can I just say....thank goodness for being alive?! I would've been pissed if I missed a chance to dress up for a New Year's Eve party! ;)  For today's post, I wanted to share with you the little adventure I took through my closet in an effort to find easy new year's eve party looks without all the fuss of shopping.  After all the Christmas shopping, my wallet needed a break! How about you?? Let me save you money, Fashionista with my guidelines on how you can create easy New Year's Eve party looks just by wearing what you already have at home. 

Classic Colors ONLY.
When it comes to New Year's Eve style it's important to scout for your best classic colored pieces. Look for gold, back, white and silver clothing and accessories -- (ohh, and don't forget the pieces that have LOTS of SPARKLE! New Year's Eve demands sparkle, so however you can incorporate it -- purse, belt, necklace, skirt, top, jacket- do it! Here are my favorite classic colored pieces above. :)

Sexy {Heels} Only.
I'm making myself laugh a little bit, because I don't consider myself sexy. at. all. But I kinda tap into it when I wear black heels! Heels are fun and feminine, not to mention they make my 5'2 size look taller and my legs leaner! Who doesn't love that "sexy" side effect? :) Find your favorite pair of heels - whether they are black, gold sequins, or heck, bright yellow (you can totally pull off fun blasts of color here!) for your heels and wear them- as long as they make you feel sexy!   

Black Tank + Black Skirt = One of a kind Glamorous Dress.
I bought this ruffle skirt on sale weeks ago from LOFT and thought about wearing it for New Year's Eve. It's fun and stylish and matched with everything.  I took this piece and started mixing it with my classic colored tops and accessories so I could decide which style looked best for the big night.  One of my favorite style secrets is to pair a glamorous camisole with a skirt, and add a belt to make it look like a fancy dress. If you don't have an ultra feminine black camisole, you can always use your favorite fancy tank in another color and still have it look fashionable. 

Conservative & Feminine.
I loved pairing my ruffle skirt with my classic white jacket. It looks feminine in a fun yet conservative way. (If you're meeting your significant other's parents that night? This would be a great option!) I included a blush sleeveless top (adorned with gold buttons) which seemed to tie the jacket and skirt together nicely.  For jewelry, I added my favorite clear bib necklace for more sparkle. I like my black wedges best with this look because it softens it and really brings out the "feminine" vibe. 

Radiant Red.
Red + black are my two favorite colors for parties. If you have a red blouse pull it out and try it on with your black skirt! Or put it over a black dress to revamp your look. I am especially loving red chiffon this season because it adds a dash of sparkle against ruffles and black.  I made sure to layer it with a classic black camisole to eliminate the transparent effect and added my favorite black sparkly belt at the waist for a fun and classic look!

Black & White Paired.
I took my favorite sleeveless white cotton top and tucked it into my skirt to highlight my waist - (a style trick to make you look taller and thinner!) I added a vintage gold belt (passed down from my Fashionista Great Grandma Dorothy) and added my *sexy* black pumps and crystal clutch. This look is comfortable, fancy and fun. Find your favorite white top and tuck it into your skirt to see what type of look you get. Then make sure you accessorize with a belt, statement necklace, and shoes! 

There you have it, Fashionista - my easy New Year's Eve party looks straight from my closet. You can easily follow this template by rummaging through your closet to find similar pieces. Mix and match your favorite, black, white and gold pieces to come up with a dazzling party look for New Year's Eve! Feel free to share on my Facebook page what you came up with! Happy New Year, Fashionista!!
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  1. Thank you, Mrs. Pedersen!! I got it from good ole' LOFT! Here's the direct link --- >



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