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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Easy Christmas Nails

Hey Fashionista!
'Tis the season for Christmas nails! I've seen lots of really creative Christmas nails but they seem difficult to master on my own and just plain expensive at the nail salon. Of all the Christmas nails I've come across, these Christmas nails are the easiest and prettiest to master. After all, as the great Oscar Wilde said..."Simplicity is beauty and beauty is simplicity, nothing more, nothing less." So, let me show you how to do these easy Christmas nails.

Here's how to create these easy Christmas nails....
First....Apply a base coat to your nails for ultra long lasting color.
Two...Then apply two coats (or more) of white nail polish.
Three....Grab glistening red nail polish and make 5-7 dots in a sporadic pattern.
Four...Grab a glistening green nail polish and make 5-7 dots in a sporadic pattern. 
*Note: Make sure you keep is down towards the tip of your nails, so you can see the contrast of white against red and green.
Five....Let them dry, then add a top coat.

You're done! You've achieved gorgeous Christmas nails for little to no money at all. And, you don't even have to be a pro at doing your nails. Cool, huh? Have a Merry Christmas, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach


  1. Hi, thanks for sharing - but you must link this back to my blog page for full credit.

  2. My apologies! It has been hyperlinked now! Thanks for sharing your great nail tutorial - so cute! :)


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