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Monday, December 10, 2012

6 Holiday Hairstyles to Try!

Hey Fashionista! This is the second of four holiday posts! I've covered just about every angle of holiday style because each area has an easy style equation to adhere to in order to achieve style success.  And since you've most likely got multiple holiday parties on your calendar,  I want to make sure you make the most of your holiday pieces. So, welcome to the second "Holiday Style" post!

Hey Fashionista! No matter what season it is...if there's a party to attend we always wonder how to fix our hair! Am I right? Or am I right? Ha! I found several of my favorite holiday hairstyles that look ravishing! Give 'em a go before you head to your next holiday soiree just to make sure you dig it, too!!

This up-do works best for short to medium length hair.  
Normally, you'd see magazines advise you to save fancy hairstyles for fancy occasions. But, I believe in mixing it up! If you're going to a semi-casual holiday party, you can still wear this do. If it's a fancy holiday party, you can still rock this do too! Check out the short up-do tutorial here. 

I know these are normally considered "beach waves" but they are super glam for holiday parties.  Follow this tutorial from Cupcakes & Cashmere for a total step-by-step process on how to achieve this look. This style works on semi-short, medium and long lengths and can be rocked at casual or formal parties!

3. Half Up-Do

Half up-do's are so pretty! They're easy to accomplish and ultra "haute" -- especially with a little teasing. ;) I could not find the original source of this photograph, however, the steps seem pretty self-explanatory.  This hairstyle works best for medium to long hair. They will look great for your holiday parties!

4. Half Up Braid

Braids make me happy. Do you feel the same? Braids aren't reserved for summer only. They look great with a dress or skirt! This photo sequence is pretty easy to follow. Unfortunately, I could not find a source for this on Pinterest either, but I was able to do this one just by the photo.  

5. Braid Bun

I found this hairstyle on Pinterest, which led back to a Portuguese blog. On top of that, it was pinned to the main page. Needless to say I could not find a tutorial for this hairstyle.  From the looks of this picture, it seemed fairly straightforward to follow. Here are the steps I used to create a similar look. Create a loose french braid on each side that runs an inch past your ears. Take the loose ends and pin them into a messy bun. Pull down a few loose strands on either side of your face - give them a little curl and you're set for your holiday party!

6. Elaborate Updo for Long Hair

Ok, my hair isn't this long, but I know a fabulous hairstyle when I see it. If I did have long locks I would so rock this hairstyle! So, all of you long-haired Fashionistas, be sure to try this hairstyle by visiting Fashion Week Digital's blog here! I'm sure you'll turn a few...hundred heads with this look! 

There you have it, Fashionista -- 6 Holiday Hairstyles that are SURE to be a HIT at your holiday parties! Enjoy and have a happy and safe holiday!

Your Fashion Coach

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  1. I really love that 6th hairstyle!! Thanks for sharing all these! They are great ideas!!

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