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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Hourglass Shape

Q: Hi Amanda!

What type of clothes fit with the hourglass body shape?

- G.
Saudi Arabia

A: Hi G!

Lucky you! Hourglass body shapes are highly sought after. Major stars like, Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez are stunning examples of the hourglass shape. From top to bottom, your figure is gracefully balanced. Top stylists always strive to create this balance when dressing their clients!  ;)

When selecting tops, keep in mind that you always want to highlight your waist!  The best tops for hourglass shapes are: belted tops, tops with banding or "nipping" at the waist, form-fitting tops, wrap style tops, and tailored shirts.  

When you're shopping for bottoms, straight-leg and boot-cut will naturally accentuate the fabulous curves you possess! High-waisted pants and pencil skirts fit beautifully.  Skinny jeans or pants work very well, as long as you are wearing a top that balances your figure.  

I hope that helps, G! Thank you for your question!!

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Your Fashion Coach

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