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Monday, November 5, 2012

Casual Style Inspiration Tips

{{Yep, Southern California is still warm enough for a bike ride in November..!}

Hiee Fashionista! Casual wear is an easy place to slack off.  We spend countless hours shopping for office wear or special occasion dresses, but very little time on defining casual style. I experience this dilemma often. Since I work from home, I have the luxury of wearing whatever the heck I want. I'm the boss. ;) However, it's a constant battle between staying in my cozy pajamas and changing into publicly acceptable clothing.  Sometimes I roll out of bed and start working in my pajamas and by the time I think about changing it's already lunch time. Yikes! lol It's safe to say one can easily get comfortable in the "no-style-zone."   In case you've found yourself in the "no-style-zone" on your days off and would love to re-define your casual style again, check out my casual style inspiration tips below.  

Casual Style Inspiration Tips...

1. Go for colored denim. They are hot and easily stylish.

2. Choose a bold color top to accent your colored denim. 
(Green + Deep Red is a winner!)

3. Or...Choose a bold printed top in multiple colors. Adds style easily!

4. Belt it with a neutral color like brown to anchor and balance out the colors.

5. Wear clothing and shoes based on your weather conditions. Capri colored denim and wedges worked well for me because it's in the 80's today!

6. Implement subtle jewelry around the neckline for a casual style impact. If you added a swanky necklace, you wouldn't be casual anymore.

7. Add a splash of texture and color in your bracelets.

Voila, Fashionista!  You've got easy casual style inspiration for after work or this weekend! I hope you've enjoyed this post. Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comment section below - or 'Pin It' (button above!) to share with your friends!

Have a Fabulous Day!

Your Fashion Coach

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