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Monday, October 1, 2012

Transitioning Your Summer Dress Into Fall

Hey Fashionista!  
Transitioning your summer dress into fall is a fun topic for me because I unexpectedly achieved this with a few pieces of clothing I considered donating.  Completely over this 100-degree heat, (seriously, it feels like it's never going to end!) I perused my closet to pretend it were cold outside.  I came face-to-face with an orange summer dress I had hundreds of plans for but never actually wore because it flattered all the wrong places. I could never find a solution for that! Then, I found several cold-weather items decorating the bottom of my drawers as if they were old, wrinkly, out-dated drawer-liners.  Now you're probably understanding why I was going to donate these items, huh? ;) Suddenly, a spark of inspiration occurred that lead me to mix these items together. What I ended up with was an up-to-date look for fall that flattered my figure and cost no money at all!  Woohoo! 
Save your money, Fashionista and read on for my tips! :)

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Here's how to transition your summer dress into fall...  

  1. Pick a Simple Dress. Simple dresses have a basic shape and come in standard colors.  My dress (to the left) is cotton, and very plain (although most prints work well, too!).  A good rule of thumb is: The simpler the dress, the more versatile. The more versatile, the easier it'll transition into another season. 
  2. Layer It. Most magazines suggest wearing cardigans or jackets to create a fall look. However, it's pretty predictable.  I think it's more fun (and stylish) to get outside the box by choosing something different, like a long-sleeve tee.  Layer it on top of your dress for an entirely new look.
  3. Coordinate With Seasonal Colors.  Summer dresses with neutral tones or fall-like colors transition easily into fall.  Luckily, my dress is orange. So, I paired it with my favorite black long-sleeve tee from last winter to accent fall's color palate. At first I was afraid it would be too "Halloween-ish" but once I threw it together it turned out looking very stylish! 
  4. Accessorize. Every outfit needs accessories kind of like cake needs frosting. For my outfit, I used an orange and brown beaded necklace, brown belt, bracelets and boots. (Pictured above).  These elements helped my summer dress transition into fall even further.   
  5. Don't Be Afraid to Tweak the Fit. Just because a garment is shaped one way does not mean it can't be tweaked to look another way.  My dress was quite long for my petite frame.  So, I tucked the front of the dress up under my belt to create a "high-lo" effect.  (No sewing necessary!) It ended up improving the overall style of my outfit!
Voila! My mission was complete...transitioning my summer dress into fall gave my clothes a new lease on life.  Do you have a simple dress and a few fall layers and accessories? That's all it'll take to add new life to an old garment.  Have fun with it, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach

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