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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

7 Stylish Ways to Wear Orange

Hey Fashionista! 

The color orange is vibrant, energizing and bold by nature.  It mimics the leaves falling from trees and the pumpkins that happily decorate grocery store aisles as well as fall-infused storefronts.  If a color impacts Mother Nature and our daily digs, chances are it's a HUGE hit in the fashion industry.  Even though orange dazzles us in the most pronounced way, doesn't mean it's the easiest color to add to your everyday wear. In fact, I've heard some of my Fashionista friends wonder how they can add such a standout color to their wardrobe. If you're like my friends, then wonder no more! I've compiled a list of ways to help you invite this color into your closet.  Here are 7 stylish ways to wear orange this fall... :)  

1. Scarf. This is the perfect place to start if orange makes you a little timid. It'll brighten up your neutral ensemble in a soft, subtle and stylish way.  The great news is that it's the least expensive route!

2. Pants. Since bottoms take up half of the style equation, you'll want to balance this by wearing a neutral top like, beige.  Orange and beige work wonderfully together.  Many stores carry colored denim for as low as $39! 

3. Belt. Orange belts are fabulous to add to a neutral ensemble! Don't forget you can vary the hue. So, if you're not crazy about neon orange, you can always choose a lighter version, like this belt above.

4. Chiffon Tank. Vibrant orange is a fantastic and stylish choice for chiffon tank tops.  It's even more striking when contrasted with white.  Try this color combination when you really want to turn heads! ;)

5. Dress. Dresses and boots scream fall fashion!  Find a fabulous orange dress and pair it with your favorite fall boots for a killer look!

6. Necklace. Statement necklaces are all the rage this season.  So is color-blocking.  Grab a necklace that blends both elements to create a polished look for work or dancing the night away! Shop this necklace here

7. Skirt. Similiar to orange pants, skirts also make up half of the style equation.  Orange skirts look fantastic paired against black or brown.  If you find an orange hue you love in a skirt, don't hesitate to buy it because it will be your new staple item for fall! 

There ya have it, Fashionista - 7 stylish ways to wear orange this season!  I hope that inspires you to take one simple step towards fall style! Enjoy your day!

Your Fashion Coach

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  1. Love that outfit in photo number three!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog

  2. I agree! A subtle orange belt looks stylish with a neutral outfit! :)

  3. Where can I get a tank like the one pictured in #4?


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