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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Booties

Q: Hi Amanda!

Okay I have my first question!!! What type of boots are best to wear on girls who don't really have much of an ankle? I love the booties but not sure if there made for me. :)

- Rachelle

A: Hi Rachelle!

What a great question! YES, you can wear booties! However, there are a few guidelines to finding the right pair that will flatter your ankle area. 

First, opt for a pair of booties that rise slightly above your ankle. This is important to you because it will help create a slimmer ankle.  There are many cute booties out there that rise above the ankle, like the one pictured below...

This particular pair is fantastic for defining the ankle area because of the style features. The buckle at top slim the ankle the same way a belt slims the waist.  It creates definition that balances out your feet and calf area. Having fringe below also creates an ankle silhouette.  Not all booties will have this type of styling, but the most important thing to remember is to pick booties that rise above your ankle area- not below- that have some detailing near the top in order to flatter your legs nicely. 

Also, short boots works well too!  This is another way to create high style while slimming the ankle area perfectly.


Thank you for your question, Rachelle! I hope that helps!

Fashionista, if you have a style dilemma, please email it to me at Info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com! Thank you!

Your Fashion Coach

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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Anatomy of a Stylish Outfit: Going Out

Hey Fashionista! I have to admit...when Friday at 5:30pm (to be exact!) rolled around I was anxious to hit the shops to find a new outfit to wear out dancing.  I always bought more than I needed - wasting my money because I thought outfits expired after wearing them in public -- not to mention the ever-seductive "style-high" that came from finding the perfect outfit! Kind of like an unexpected "Free Gift With Purchase!" As you can imagine, that choice got expensive pretty quickly! In fact, when I realized how much I was devoting towards clothing,  I had no choice but to get creative! 

Elbow deep in stacks of clothes, I figured out that mixing and matching my "going-out-attire" felt like buying a new outfit every time! I created new looks and styles that I would often find in my shopping excursions---Fashionista, save your money, honey! I've got this system down to an art so you can use the same tactics to create a new outfit. Enjoy the last post to the fall series: The Anatomy of a Stylish Outfit: Going Out! Grab a snack or a cocktail - (there's a lot of info in here!) - and read on to discover ways you can remix your going out attire for a fabulous new look! Ready? Okay!

First Layer // 
The Foundation & Basics
Top Options: Camisole, Bustier,  Halter Top, Long Sleeve (or Short Sleeve) Chiffon Blouse, Strapless Top, Oversize Tank (preferably w/wide straps), Over-sized Slub Tee (w/sequins or in a luxe material)

Note: Going out is often a fancy occasion.  Use basics in fancy materials, i.e. Sequin Racer-Back Tank, Lace Camisole, Chiffon Front Ruffle *Slub Tube Top. That way you'll sparkle and feel like a queen while you're out having a good time. :)

Bottom Options: Skinny Jeans, Capri Pants, Leggings (Black or Leather is Best!), Mini Skirt

Dress Options: One Shoulder Dress, Strapless Dress, Plunging Neckline Dress, Halter Dress, V-Neck Dress, Knee-length Dress, Mini Dress, T-Shirt Dress, Short-sleeve/Long-sleeve Dress, Maxi Dress
Second Layer // 
Stylish Layering Add-Ons
Top Layering Options:
 Pretty Camisole + Chiffon Blouse 
Cropped Jacket/Cardigan + Bustier (or Strapless Top)
Lace Cardigan + Oversize Tank (or Slub Tee)

You can add ANY bottoms to these combinations and your outfit will provide a different look each time!

Third Layer // 
Accessory Overlay
Jewelry: Necklace, Earrings, Bracelets (stacked!), and Cocktail Rings

Accessories: Belt, Clutch

Shoes: Booties (these look great in a pop of color or fun pattern) 
Strappy Sandals, Platform Pump (Patent Leather is the best!) or
High Heel Boots (black or brown is always a classic choice), Peep Toe Pumps

------- Outfit Inspiration for Going Out in Fall-------

White Lace One-Shoulder Dress + Camel Brown Clutch + Peep-Toe Heels, Cocktail Ring

This dress embodies all the fall trends that are so chic this season: Lace, White and Short.  Keep your accessories light and neutral to allow this dress to shine! 

The Little Black Dress may look simple at first, but upon second glance you'll notice how elegant it truly is. For instance, the hemline is lower - purposely to accentuate and create an hourglass shape by the way it hugs your curves and dazzles your neckline with a sweetheart bust. With these details combined, it ups the 'wow' factor of this not-so-simple little black dress. Pair it with a belt at the waist - no necklace needed! Just add striking earrings and a chunky bracelet and you're ready!

Leather skinnies are so HOT right now.  They are screaming for a night out on the town. The material accentuates the chic-factor and it doesn't take much else to turn heads.  Pair with a classic black pump and a nude slub top - or a black lace top? Either way, leather skinnies are great for re-mixing and wearing out often!

Sequin Racer-Back Tank is lovely for going out.  A typical racer-back tank is not any Fashionista's first choice to wear when going out, but it will be when it's adorned in sequins - or any other fancy fabric (lace or chiffon!). 

Strapless Chiffon Front Pleat Top + Stripe Mini Skirt + Statement Necklace + Stacked Bracelets = Sexy and Sophisticated!

High-Neck Sleeveless Chiffon Blouse + Black Jeggings + Black Peep Toe Pumps + Clutch + Stacked Bracelets

Bold colors are still very IN this season. Make sure you are contrasting classic colors (like black) with bold hues like pink pictured above. 

Printed Maxi Dresses that drape the floor are very swanky.  Play with colors and prints here to make an unforgettable impression.  Instead of a jacket, use a shawl in black to polish off this ensemble.

High Low Dresses in a fancy delicate fabric and bonus detailing is very up-to-date.  You can dress it down for a cowboy kind of night out by adding boots or for the city life kind of affair, wear your favorite platform pumps! Layered necklaces look fantastic with type of dress as does a clutch!

To see MORE Going Out looks, check out my Pinterest Board: "Paint the Town Red!" 

Remember, as always, if you ever get stuck in a style rut you can always refer to this blog post to get your ideas flowing again.  As you can see there are endless ways to create a stylish outfit for going out on the weekend.  These style formulas are meant to be remixed time and time again!  If you enjoyed this post about the anatomy of a stylish outfit: going out, feel free to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or on Pinterest! I hope you have a beautiful week, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

*Slub Top - A top that is loose-fitting; does not fit close to the body. 

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Staple Handbag

Q: Hi Amanda!

I don't like to switch bags everyday.  Can you suggest one that goes with every outfit and can transition from the office to casual?

Thank you! 

Amy G.

A: Hi Amy!

That such a great question! Handbags can be quite pricey and hard to store if you change them out all the time, so it makes sense to have one that meets all of your needs. 

A medium sized tote is your best best.  It's not too big and not too small.  They can store a lot and carry everything you need when you're at work or out and about on the weekend.  

Pick a tote that is neutral.  Leather brown is easy to pair and wear for work and on the weekend.  So are solid color handbags.  Solid color handbags still go with your work wear and casual ensembles because it is one color and it adds lots of style to a neutral outfit - effortlessly.  I particularly like this green handbag from Francesca's Collections pictured on the left.

This fabulous tote handbag can convert into a cross-body bag with an optional strap - which makes it a fun casual handbag on the weekend. 

I hope that helps, Amy! Have fun!

Fashionista, if you have a style question, please email me at Info{at}TheFashionistaCoach{dot}com - or leave a comment below! 

Your Fashion Coach

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

7 Stylish Ways to Wear Orange

Hey Fashionista! 

The color orange is vibrant, energizing and bold by nature.  It mimics the leaves falling from trees and the pumpkins that happily decorate grocery store aisles as well as fall-infused storefronts.  If a color impacts Mother Nature and our daily digs, chances are it's a HUGE hit in the fashion industry.  Even though orange dazzles us in the most pronounced way, doesn't mean it's the easiest color to add to your everyday wear. In fact, I've heard some of my Fashionista friends wonder how they can add such a standout color to their wardrobe. If you're like my friends, then wonder no more! I've compiled a list of ways to help you invite this color into your closet.  Here are 7 stylish ways to wear orange this fall... :)  

1. Scarf. This is the perfect place to start if orange makes you a little timid. It'll brighten up your neutral ensemble in a soft, subtle and stylish way.  The great news is that it's the least expensive route!

2. Pants. Since bottoms take up half of the style equation, you'll want to balance this by wearing a neutral top like, beige.  Orange and beige work wonderfully together.  Many stores carry colored denim for as low as $39! 

3. Belt. Orange belts are fabulous to add to a neutral ensemble! Don't forget you can vary the hue. So, if you're not crazy about neon orange, you can always choose a lighter version, like this belt above.

4. Chiffon Tank. Vibrant orange is a fantastic and stylish choice for chiffon tank tops.  It's even more striking when contrasted with white.  Try this color combination when you really want to turn heads! ;)

5. Dress. Dresses and boots scream fall fashion!  Find a fabulous orange dress and pair it with your favorite fall boots for a killer look!

6. Necklace. Statement necklaces are all the rage this season.  So is color-blocking.  Grab a necklace that blends both elements to create a polished look for work or dancing the night away! Shop this necklace here

7. Skirt. Similiar to orange pants, skirts also make up half of the style equation.  Orange skirts look fantastic paired against black or brown.  If you find an orange hue you love in a skirt, don't hesitate to buy it because it will be your new staple item for fall! 

There ya have it, Fashionista - 7 stylish ways to wear orange this season!  I hope that inspires you to take one simple step towards fall style! Enjoy your day!

Your Fashion Coach

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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Mustard & Denim

Q: Hi Amanda,

I was wondering what goes well with a mustard boyfriend cardigan and kinda skinny blue jeans?


A: Hi Marlayna!

Such a great question and color combination!  Navy blue tops look *fabulous* with mustard cardigans and blue jeans!  Since your sweater and denim are neutral, go for a print like a polka dot peplum top or a stripe tank to liven up this combination.

However, if you prefer a solid color top, no worries, make sure you add spice with a fabulous statement necklace that has a range of colors.

Have fun, Marlayna!

Fashionista, if you have a style dilemma - email me at info{at}thefashionistacoach{dot}com today!

Your Fashion Coach

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Transitioning Your Summer Dress Into Fall

Hey Fashionista!  
Transitioning your summer dress into fall is a fun topic for me because I unexpectedly achieved this with a few pieces of clothing I considered donating.  Completely over this 100-degree heat, (seriously, it feels like it's never going to end!) I perused my closet to pretend it were cold outside.  I came face-to-face with an orange summer dress I had hundreds of plans for but never actually wore because it flattered all the wrong places. I could never find a solution for that! Then, I found several cold-weather items decorating the bottom of my drawers as if they were old, wrinkly, out-dated drawer-liners.  Now you're probably understanding why I was going to donate these items, huh? ;) Suddenly, a spark of inspiration occurred that lead me to mix these items together. What I ended up with was an up-to-date look for fall that flattered my figure and cost no money at all!  Woohoo! 
Save your money, Fashionista and read on for my tips! :)

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Here's how to transition your summer dress into fall...  

  1. Pick a Simple Dress. Simple dresses have a basic shape and come in standard colors.  My dress (to the left) is cotton, and very plain (although most prints work well, too!).  A good rule of thumb is: The simpler the dress, the more versatile. The more versatile, the easier it'll transition into another season. 
  2. Layer It. Most magazines suggest wearing cardigans or jackets to create a fall look. However, it's pretty predictable.  I think it's more fun (and stylish) to get outside the box by choosing something different, like a long-sleeve tee.  Layer it on top of your dress for an entirely new look.
  3. Coordinate With Seasonal Colors.  Summer dresses with neutral tones or fall-like colors transition easily into fall.  Luckily, my dress is orange. So, I paired it with my favorite black long-sleeve tee from last winter to accent fall's color palate. At first I was afraid it would be too "Halloween-ish" but once I threw it together it turned out looking very stylish! 
  4. Accessorize. Every outfit needs accessories kind of like cake needs frosting. For my outfit, I used an orange and brown beaded necklace, brown belt, bracelets and boots. (Pictured above).  These elements helped my summer dress transition into fall even further.   
  5. Don't Be Afraid to Tweak the Fit. Just because a garment is shaped one way does not mean it can't be tweaked to look another way.  My dress was quite long for my petite frame.  So, I tucked the front of the dress up under my belt to create a "high-lo" effect.  (No sewing necessary!) It ended up improving the overall style of my outfit!
Voila! My mission was complete...transitioning my summer dress into fall gave my clothes a new lease on life.  Do you have a simple dress and a few fall layers and accessories? That's all it'll take to add new life to an old garment.  Have fun with it, Fashionista!!

Your Fashion Coach
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