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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Shorts & Tights

Q: Hi Amanda,

Just wondering if shorts with tights are still in this fall?  I love the look but I haven't seen it around much.

~Lisa B.

A: Hi Lisa!

Yes, shorts and tights will still be in style for fall.  Many other trends are re-emerging on the fashion scene in a very fresh and exciting way this Fall, which is probably why you haven't heard or seen a huge emphasis on shorts and tights. 

Last fall, the fashion industry glamourized textured tights.  This fall, it's less about textured tights (although subtle fishnet patterns are favored this season) and more about solid tights in bold colors. 

And, of course, black classic tights are always in style - especially with shorts.

Thank you for your question, Lisa!

Fashionista - If you have a style question, please reach out to me at info{at}TheFashionistaCoach{dot}com - or leave your question on my Facebook Wall:

Have a terrific Thursday, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Win a One-Year Subscription to Glamour Magazine!

A week ago I received my subscription renewal from Glamour Magazine.  As I was about to send off my check, I saw that I could give away a free subscription to a friend! So, naturally I thought of you, Fashionista! I want to give you an opportunity to win a year subscription to Glamour Magazine for FREE!

This magazine is my FAVORITE by far.  It has the best articles on fashion and beauty.  There are many sources of inspiration that have enhanced my life -- and I know it will benefit yours, too!

So if you're ready to WIN a one-year subscription to Glamour Magazine, complete the following steps below! Good luck, Fashionista!

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This contest ENDS September 25, 2012 at 11:59pm PST.  Winner will be announced Wednesday, September 26th at 10am!! <3 span="span">



Your Fashion Coach

Monday, September 10, 2012

The Anatomy of a Stylish Outfit: Fall Work Wear

Hey Fashionista!  Welcome back to The Anatomy of a Stylish Outfit series!  If you missed the first post: The Anatomy of a Stylish Outfit: Fall Casual Weekend you can read it now before continuing on.  If you're ready for this week's The Anatomy of a Stylish Outfit: Fall Work Wear dive right in!  I've got your style formula (that can be mixed and matched - of course!) for the perfect fall work wear in addition to photo inspiration.  Read on to get the full scoop on this week's post!

First Layer // The Foundation & Basics
Top: Camisole, Short-Sleeve Blouse, Tee (V-Neck, Square-Neck, Boat-Neck, Round-Neck) -- Fall Trend Top: Peplum Top
Bottoms: Pencil Skirt, Trousers/ Slacks, Capri Pants, Straight Leg Pants
Dresses: Shift Dress & A-Line Dresses
Second Layer // Stylish Clothing Add-Ons
Top: Cardigan (<--good opp for bold color or fun pattern!) Blazers, Collared Tops and Sweaters
Third Layer // Accessory Overlay
Jewelry: Necklace, Earrings, Watch (always best to keep these simple)
Accessories: Belt, Scarf (This one is perfect for fun color combinations and patterns!)
Shoes: Flats (These look great in a pop of color or fun pattern)
Boots (camel brown is always a classic choice)
Pumps (Classic Black or a Fun Pattern or Color works well here)

------- Outfit Inspiration for Fall Work Wear -------
Outfit #1: Cable Knit Sweater + Pencil Skirt + Colorful Belt + Colorful Peep Toe Pumps
Outfit #2: Blazer + Stripe Shift Dress + Colorful Pumps
Outfit #3: Cropped Blazer + Blouse + Straight Leg Pants + Pattern Pumps
Outfit #4: Traditional Blazer + Blouse + Straight Leg Pants + Classic Brown Pumps
Peplum Top + Belt + Pencil Skirt + Handbag + Studded Earrings
Psst...Peplum Tops are super trendy for fall.  If you take a trendy piece like this top and neutralize it with a color like gray, and pair it with a pencil skirt, you are up-to-date with fashion while looking professional- a total win!
Blazer + Flow-y Pattern Dress + Handbag + Pumps + Bangle Bracelets + Sunglasses
 Psst....This ensemble balances print, pattern and color with professionalism very well!
Pumps are always a MUST.
Classic colors like black, brown and beige are perfect. 
Don't forget to introduce color too!
Cardigan + Lace Tee + Trousers + Belt + Pumps + Handbag + Bracelets + Earrings
Mustard is the quintessential color of Fall. Use it often - the upside? It pairs well with gray too!
The Classic Black Pump!
Layering necklaces in a subtle way creates an interesting and fashionable take for work wear. Clean-cut clothing can be extremely boring if you don't have a little variation in accessories to liven it up.
The Scarf.  It's like a necklace in terms of bringing style. It's a chance to make a statement to your dashing fall work wear.  To polish off your professional look, throw on a colorful scarf to complete your style.
If you ever get stuck in a style rut while you're getting ready for work, you can always refer to this blog post to get your ideas flowing again. As you can see there are endless ways to create a stylish outfit for fall work wear. Mix and match colors, patterns and pieces - these style formulas are meant to be remixed! If you enjoyed this post about the anatomy of a stylish outfit: fall work wear, feel free to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or on Pinterest! I hope you have a beautiful week, Fashionista!
Your Fashion Coach

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Friday, September 7, 2012

My Favorite FNO Purchase!

Hey Fashionista!! Lastnight was the notorious Fashion's Night Out (aka FNO)!  Malls, boutiques and outdoor mall strips celebrated fashion globally.  Most major brands and stores use this day to pull out all the stops by hiring DJs, extraordinary caterers, exquisite entertainment to make shopping a partying atmosphere!

My new town is on the small-ish side - not in terms of square footage, but by the amount of people residing in this one-horse town.  Needless to say, it lacks in over-the-top-FNO-parties, unlike my hometown in the L.A. area.  If I learned anything about curing dullness in a small town, it's dressing up and going out as if it were a happenin' party.  (Sometimes you've gotta bring the "party" in order to make the best of less than ideal circumstances. ;)

Before I left the house, I put on a fun turquoise dress, chugged a martini and threw on a pair of fabulous shoes.  I also reminded myself to be "good" by staying in my budget - otherwise my over-use of "cute-cute-oh-that's-cute!" routine would magnetize all the cute stuff into my cart and through the check-out line before my brain and checking account caught on ha! so I made it a point to come equipped with a plan...{{Narrow down my list of things I need and don't need; figure out an amount I feel good about spending.}} Among the super stylish clothes and accessories, I found my favorite FNO purchase at LOFT: the green clutch! I know my posts lately have been all about LOFT, but I seriously can't help it - they have CUTE stuff all the time! Plus! I was dying to get a fabulous clutch like this one from LOFT! And it was 40% off! I mean, how can you say no to 40% off? ;)

Did you go out last night for Fashion's Night Out, Fashionista? If so, do you have a favorite FNO purchase? Feel free to tell me in the comment section below - or better yet, upload it to my facebook wall at ---->! I hope you have a lovely weekend, Fashionista! See you next week!
Your Fashion Coach

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Are You FAB or DRAB During Your Workouts? {Guest Blogger!}

Hey Fashionista!! Amanda, here! I'm thrrrrilled to introduce to you a woman who knows fashion in the fitness industry! She really knows how to rock it while reaching her fitness goals.  She's sharing her secrets to achieving your fitness goals in style! Take it away, Diamond! ;)

Hey Fashionista! Diamond from Glamazon in Training here! I like to be stylish during my workouts. Most of all I like to be comfortable whether I'm in a gym or getting it in outside. It's important for my self image and may be helpful to get the most out of my workout. I know you're saying why should I care when I'm just going to sweat? Remember there are mirrors and eyes everywhere, believe it or not when I think I'm looking half way cute I'm more motivated. It tends to give me an extra push, and also boost my confidence. Who says that Fitness can't be Fashionable? So throw away those over sized t-shirts that makes you look an extra 10 pounds, or your man's old holey sweats. I personally prefer running shorts, sports bra, and a pair of cute sneakers, however some prefer form fitting tights with their favorite t-shirt, but whatever you may decide, just own it!

You will be amazed on how much strength the right outfit can give you! There's no right and wrong when it comes to exercise clothes. It's whatever makes you feel good! I hope that helps you out, Fashionista!! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at FitnessFashionistas(at) gmail (dot) com!

Thank you, Diamond for sharing your words of wisdom with us all! If you have any questions for Diamond, feel free to reach out to her, Fashionista! I hope you have a beautiful week!

Your Fashion Coach
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