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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Anatomy of a Stylish Outfit: Fall Casual Weekend

Hey Fashionista! Over the weekend, while watching "My Bestfriend's Wedding" -- for, probably, the thousandth time -- I noticed how different fashion was (back when the movie was filmed) in 1997. Mostly, everything Julia Roberts wore was pretty dreadful - loose and baggy which, is unflattering to any woman's figure if it isn't balanced and styled properly.  And, Ms. Cameron Diaz stunned us in her soft and sweet yellow shift dress -- which, happens to be chic today.  These observations made one thing certain: style can be hard to nail down.  Seasons change; trends come and go, and great style often feels elusive.   The good news is that it does not have to be this way.  To show you that this is true, I've created a series of blog posts outlining the anatomy of a stylish outfit by category (work, casual weekend and evening fun) and season (we'll start with Fall!) -- to help you maintain style no matter what trend is hot at the moment!  (If there's another category you would like covered, please email it to me at info{at}TheFashionistaCoach{dot}com)  I want you to feel confident knowing you've fully utilized all pieces to the style puzzle to create  the ultimate fashionista ensemble.  Ready for the first stylish outfit? Alright, here we go!!

Fall // Casual //Weekend
{Daytime Look for Fall Weather}
This outfit comes in handy when it's Saturday morning and you've just woken up after sleeping in until 11am.  You had a killer week at the office. All you want to do is break free from your binding stilletto-work-wear-combination and dive into stylish comfort so you can enjoy your day!
First Layer // The Foundation & Basics
Top: Tank, T-Shirt, Long Tee <--{For Cooler Temps}
Bottoms: Jeans, Capri Pants, Leggings & Shorts
(classic denim and bold colors are hip for all these options - except leggings!)
Second Layer // Stylish Clothing Add-Ons
Top: Layering a Tee over Tank
Cardigan (<--good opp for bold color or fun pattern!)
Third Layer // Accessory Overlay
Jewelry: Necklace, Earring, (always best to keep these simple) Watch
Accessories: Belt and/or 
Scarf (This one is perfect for fun color combinations and patterns!) 
Shoes: Flats (These look great in a pop of color or fun pattern) Gladiator Sandals or
Boots (camel brown is always a classic choice)

------- Outfit Inspiration for Fall Casual Weekend -------

Shorts + Tank + Oversized Sweater + Brown Tote + Watch + Rings + Necklace
Mustard Boyfriend Cardigan + Navy Blue Tank + Jean Shorts + Brown Belt + Sandals + Tote + Earrings
Navy Top + Red Denim + Bold Funky Scarf + Brown Belt + Bangles + Brown Clutch
Denim Button-Up + Tank + Pink Denim + Pearl Earrings + Gold Watch
Green Boyfriend Cardigan + Tank + Capri Jeans + Gladiator Sandals + Scarf
Pull Over Sweater + Stripe Tank + Jeans + Purse + Casual Flats + Earrings
Boyfriend Sweater + Long Sleeve Tee + Black Leggings + Boots + Watch & Bracelets
Blue & White Plaid Collared Top + Maroon Shorts + Clutch + Watch + Booties
If you ever get stuck in a style rut you can always refer to this blog post to get your ideas flowing again.  As you can see there are endless ways to create a stylish outfit for a fall casual weekend.  Mix and match colors, patterns and pieces - these style formulas are meant to be remixed!  If you enjoyed this post about the anatomy of a stylish outfit: fall casual weekend, feel free to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or on Pinterest! I hope you have a beautiful week, Fashionista!
Your Fashion Coach
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  1. This is really blog, thanks for sharing. Actually I found it while searching for workwear.

  2. Hi Chef! Thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment. I'm glad you found me! Stay tuned because on Monday Sept 10th I'm releasing "The Anatomy of a Stylish Outfit for Workwear!" I'm going to include lots of tips there that you will benefit from. I hope you're having a beautiful day! <3

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    1. Hi Debbie! There's a similar pair at Garnet Hill Thank you for stopping by!


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