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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fashionable Looks for Casual Friday

Hey Fashionista!! When I worked in an office environment, I ALWAYS looked forward to Casual Friday.  That day was like gold to me! It not only meant the weekend was seconds away, but it also meant I could break out of the mundane black and white, trouser-top-suit-mix and create fashionable looks for casual Friday! 

Feeling a little stuck and not sure how to create fashionable looks for casual Friday? Not to worry! I've got several refreshing fashionable looks for casual Friday! Take a look below.

The Quintessential Fashionable Look for Casual Friday

Denim Jeans + Casual Pretty Top + Casual Colored Blazer + Fabulous Handbag + Casual Fun Shoes + Coordinated Accessories

The overall theme here is to stay true to professionalism, in a more playful way.  Want to learn more about creating such a look? Great! Let's start with jeans.  To maintain a professional look, your jeans should be a medium to dark wash. So, forget about wearing those cute "hole-y" jeans to the office because they are just a tad bit too casual.  It's important to keep within the dress code for your office.

Colored jeans, like in the photo above, are fabulous for casual Friday. Make sure they are hemmed and fit you well just like a pair of slacks or trousers would to keep within the professional boundaries.  Make sure you off-set it with a black blazer!

Blazers are always great to wear on casual Friday.   They are especially beneficial when you're wearing something that might border on too casual, like colored denim.  When in doubt, just throw on a black blazer to 'up' the professional factor.  If your outfit, no question, is within professional limits, you can ditch black and go for a punch of color, like green! 

Blouses. Have some fun with your top.  Loose blouses are incredibly comfortable and look fashionable for casual Friday at the office. Sometimes you can slip a graphic tee under and crisp blazer for a fun twist to your casual Friday look.

Now that we're in Summer, try an all-white combination to bring out your playful, yet sophisticated vibe.  Wearing a slightly oversized button-up blouse with skinny white jeans and pumps looks fashionable yet professional for casual Friday. You can also try this look in playful colors like in the photo below.

Overall, casual Fridays are meant to give you a break at the end of the week to loosen up and ease into your weekend.  Why look dull when you can have a lot of fun creating fashionable looks for casual Friday?  I hope these style tips and photo inspirations motivates you to bring your own personal flair to the office on Fridays!  Feel free to post a picture of your favorite casual Friday look on my Facebook wall! Here's to a fabulous and fashionable week, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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  1. Hi Mandy, All the looks are so lovely! Thanks :D

  2. You're most welcome, Orit! I hope you have fun with casual Fridays! :)


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