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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Create Wedding Style Under $25

Hey Fashionista!! Today's topic of how to create wedding style under $25 was inspired by recent frustrating events.  Here's what happened....My friend's wedding was two days away. I bought a lovely dress (well in advance) and took it into my tailor to get a few minor alterations.   All was working out well, until I picked up my dress and discovered it needed to be taken in some more.  *Ughhh.* There was no way it would be ready in time for the wedding...

I wallowed (for a while!) because, hello!, I found the greatest dress on earth and now I couldn't wear it to the wedding! :( I told my husband what happened. Actually, I vented and maybe, cried a little on his shoulder...hoping he would let me buy another one. His first suggestion was to call someone to borrow a dress. I thought, "Yeah! That would be great if we didn't move an hour away from our friends and family." But the fact that we did, it wouldn't exactly be "free" to borrow a dress. It would take a bit of gas money (and time).

True-to-form, my husband whips out a calculator to see what it would REALLY cost to make the trip.  Two seconds later he shouts: $25!! Then says...."Honey, you can go buy another dress....(Music to my ears!!) - My hands instantly searching for the car keys- ready to fly out the door, until he said: " long as it's $25 or less."  My typical reaction would've been to question his calculations and re-negotiate the amount up. (lol) But this time, my Fashionista instinct kicked in and I decided to take on the challenge. I wondered if it were possible to pull this off.  And if so, I could share how you could too!

So I said, "Fine. You're ON!"

The next morning I woke up determined. I scoured my emails for sales events and discovered LOFT was having a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING in the store - including full-priced items. GREAT! I'll go there first (with a couple other places in mind just in case LOFT didn't have anything under $25).  Within minutes of arriving, I spotted a CUTE cotton dress in MY SIZE...and 50% off the SALE PRICE. I tried it on, and sure enough it was a winner! Now that I've created wedding style under $25, here are some important guidelines I've created from this experience...

Do's & Don'ts...

1. Don't dismiss retailers that you'd consider "too expensive."  When I first set out on this challenge, my first thought was "Who sells cheap dresses?" I typically, shop at LOFT and dismissed them because the dresses cost from $50 - $120 (which would easily blow my budget and my bragging rights ;) but, the fact is that every store has a SALE RACK and....DEALS.  Which means, you have a great chance finding a NICE, quality dress within your budget at your favorite full-price retailer!

2. DO subscribe to your favorite retailer's email list. That way when you're in a bind (I pray you aren't...ever!) you'll know which store has the best deal when you need it!

3. Don't dismiss dresses that appear too casual.  As long as you find one in an elegant deep color you can ALWAYS ACCESSORIZE it for a fancier look!

4. Do assess your current accessory stock.  Before you shop, take a look at your shoes, jewelry and jackets to get an idea of what type of dress would work with your existing accessories.

The Receipt!!
...Shopping Breakdown....

Dress: On Sale for $24.99 (w/additional 50% off) - $12.49!!!!

Bracelets: On Clearance for $12.99 (w/additional 50% off) - $6.49!!!

* Totaling: $20.45!!! *

(I wish I could show you a picture of my husband's face when I showed him the receipt.
It was....PRICELESS!!)

See, Fashionista, it can be fun and easy to create wedding style under $25. All you need to do is realize you will have lots of luck if you are prepared.  Subscribe to your favorite store's email list to spot sales events, try on casual dresses and take time to assess your current accessory stock. I hope you enjoyed today's post! Wishing you a wonderful week, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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