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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Fall Scarves

{{Let's put this plain and skinny scarf to bed! Read below for tips on how to pick out fall scarves!}}
Q: Hi Amanda!
I enjoy reading your blog each and every week! It's filled with so much great information!  On Monday, you posted about fall casual weekend wear and a question came to mind.  My scarf collection is pretty dull and boring.   And I know you said that scarves are a great layering piece for fall wear, especially if they have patterns or prints. Can you give me picture examples of what you think are great patterns and colors to wear for fall this year? I need some inspiration! Thank you, Amanda!!
Carrie S.

A: Hi Carrie!

What a great question!  There are hundreds of scarves to choose from in a variety of colors, textures, fabrics and prints. It can be a little daunting to figure out which ones will look great with your fall weekend wear.  Here are some photos (with links to shop!) of some great fall scarves with a few tips on how to shop for your own!

Since most of our fall clothing is neutral, it's always a good idea to add a splash of color like red for a fun touch.  Don't be afraid of big dashes of color here!
Tassel scarves are a fashion DO for this season.  And so are prints.  Adding both styles into one scarf will give a style kick.
Black is classic. White is classic. Stripes are classic. Put them altogether and you've got a scarf that is fabulous all year round.   It's always a good idea to pick a scarf that is classic and can be worn all yeard round. That way when you're unsure of what scarf to wear, you can always fall back on this one!
Overall, remember, Carrie, to not be afraid of color, texture and patterns when it comes to your scarf. ;)
I hope that helps!
If you have a question, Fashionista, please email me at info{at}TheFashionistaCoach{dot}com! Have a wonderful weekend!
Your Fashion Coach


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Monday, August 27, 2012

The Anatomy of a Stylish Outfit: Fall Casual Weekend

Hey Fashionista! Over the weekend, while watching "My Bestfriend's Wedding" -- for, probably, the thousandth time -- I noticed how different fashion was (back when the movie was filmed) in 1997. Mostly, everything Julia Roberts wore was pretty dreadful - loose and baggy which, is unflattering to any woman's figure if it isn't balanced and styled properly.  And, Ms. Cameron Diaz stunned us in her soft and sweet yellow shift dress -- which, happens to be chic today.  These observations made one thing certain: style can be hard to nail down.  Seasons change; trends come and go, and great style often feels elusive.   The good news is that it does not have to be this way.  To show you that this is true, I've created a series of blog posts outlining the anatomy of a stylish outfit by category (work, casual weekend and evening fun) and season (we'll start with Fall!) -- to help you maintain style no matter what trend is hot at the moment!  (If there's another category you would like covered, please email it to me at info{at}TheFashionistaCoach{dot}com)  I want you to feel confident knowing you've fully utilized all pieces to the style puzzle to create  the ultimate fashionista ensemble.  Ready for the first stylish outfit? Alright, here we go!!

Fall // Casual //Weekend
{Daytime Look for Fall Weather}
This outfit comes in handy when it's Saturday morning and you've just woken up after sleeping in until 11am.  You had a killer week at the office. All you want to do is break free from your binding stilletto-work-wear-combination and dive into stylish comfort so you can enjoy your day!
First Layer // The Foundation & Basics
Top: Tank, T-Shirt, Long Tee <--{For Cooler Temps}
Bottoms: Jeans, Capri Pants, Leggings & Shorts
(classic denim and bold colors are hip for all these options - except leggings!)
Second Layer // Stylish Clothing Add-Ons
Top: Layering a Tee over Tank
Cardigan (<--good opp for bold color or fun pattern!)
Third Layer // Accessory Overlay
Jewelry: Necklace, Earring, (always best to keep these simple) Watch
Accessories: Belt and/or 
Scarf (This one is perfect for fun color combinations and patterns!) 
Shoes: Flats (These look great in a pop of color or fun pattern) Gladiator Sandals or
Boots (camel brown is always a classic choice)

------- Outfit Inspiration for Fall Casual Weekend -------

Shorts + Tank + Oversized Sweater + Brown Tote + Watch + Rings + Necklace
Mustard Boyfriend Cardigan + Navy Blue Tank + Jean Shorts + Brown Belt + Sandals + Tote + Earrings
Navy Top + Red Denim + Bold Funky Scarf + Brown Belt + Bangles + Brown Clutch
Denim Button-Up + Tank + Pink Denim + Pearl Earrings + Gold Watch
Green Boyfriend Cardigan + Tank + Capri Jeans + Gladiator Sandals + Scarf
Pull Over Sweater + Stripe Tank + Jeans + Purse + Casual Flats + Earrings
Boyfriend Sweater + Long Sleeve Tee + Black Leggings + Boots + Watch & Bracelets
Blue & White Plaid Collared Top + Maroon Shorts + Clutch + Watch + Booties
If you ever get stuck in a style rut you can always refer to this blog post to get your ideas flowing again.  As you can see there are endless ways to create a stylish outfit for a fall casual weekend.  Mix and match colors, patterns and pieces - these style formulas are meant to be remixed!  If you enjoyed this post about the anatomy of a stylish outfit: fall casual weekend, feel free to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or on Pinterest! I hope you have a beautiful week, Fashionista!
Your Fashion Coach
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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Fall Color Blocking

Q:  Hi Amanda,
I love the color-blocking trend.  Will it still be popular for fall? If so, how should I put it together? And, what are the rules?
Thank you! I love your blog!
San Diego, CA

A: Hi Sabrina!

That is a GREAT question! The answer is YES. Color-blocking will continue into fall.  The only difference is the intensity of color.  So, all those bright fabulous colors you loved wearing in the summer will need to be dialed down a bit.

Instead of neon colors, you’ll want to use deeper hues. For example:  If you loved neon yellow, use marigold. Instead of hot pink, use magenta – or, even more purple-y tones.  The idea is to stay true to the seasonal color shift the way Mother Nature does.  Here are a few example of fall color-blocking below.

Go with a deep purple pant with a complimentary color like red, even teal to off-set the color. Add a textured handbag and heels to go with it for work or casual-wear.
 Instead of going for bright red, try a deep maroon.  I love the way it's combined with a deep cream tone. This color combination is very soft and feminine. It's even perfect for work!

Overall, the idea is to really take after fall colors - and bring them into your color blocking scheme.  If you make this small color adjustment, you’ll be ahead of the trends for fall 2012 - not to mention, front and center! ;) Have fun with it, Sabrina!

Fashionista! If you have a style dilemma or a fashion question, please email me at info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com.

Your Fashion Coach

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Monday, August 20, 2012

How to Merge Summer Wear with Fall Wear

Hey Fashionista!  I'm sad to see August coming to a close. Summer did not disappoint this year. So many great memories made...but like life, it continues on.  Now that fall is around the corner, it's finally time to start thinking about fall style.  This doesn't mean we have to ditch our jean shorts and flip flops! It just means we get to blend the best of both worlds to create a look to honor this transitioning season. I compiled a list of the most basic ways on how to merge summer wear with fall wear.  By mastering this technique, you will be able to create a stylish ensemble for more than one occasion. Read on for your all-inclusive style map! 

Where I Shopped:
Cardigan Sweater: White House Black Market
Camisole: White House Black Market
Jean Shorts: Old Jeans cut into Shorts
Tights: Foot Traffic
Black Wedges: Payless
Belt: Delias

Summer Wear // Fall Wear
Style Formula

Long Cardigan (Fall) - Cardigan sweaters are essential to the fall season. Pick one in a bold color or print - like the black and white stripe.  Remember that you can always have fun with cardigans. They don't always have to be a simple color. You can choose bright colors or bold prints to accentuate this look nicely.

Camisole (Summer & Fall) – Camisoles are a must when merging summer wear with fall wear.  The weather is unpredictable. One minute it's blazing hot and another minute it’s chilly. Layering your outfit with a camisole – under a cardigan, will help you adapt to the constant changing weather conditions, while keeping you chic and hip.  Get several camisoles in your basic neutral colors like white, black and tan.  

Jean Shorts (Summer) – Jean shorts are the epitome of summer wear. No reason to leave it out just because fall is upon us.  Blend jean shorts with a fall-style cardigan, in deeper hues, like gold, rust, purple, or even a bold black and white stripe.

Belt (Summer & Fall) – Belts are essential all year round.  Depending on the type of cardigan you are wearing with your shorts will determine where you should place your belt. For instance, long cardigans typically allow you to place a thin belt around your waistline. This works especially if you're wearing short hem-lines like this outfit combination.

Textured Tights (Fall) – Tights are the quintessential accessories of fall. Patterns and wild designs are all game during the colder months.  Since this time of year calls for more heat, it’s best to keep tights lights and airy. But, pick a color that represents fall – like the gray hue in the photo above.

Now that you know how to merge summer wear with fall wear, try this style formula with the pieces you have in your closet already. If you’re missing any on this list, draw up a shopping list to complete your look.  I’d love to see what you come up with! Feel free to share your version of this ensemble on my facebook wall: I hope you have a lovely week, Fashionista!


Your Fashion Coach

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Create Wedding Style Under $25

Hey Fashionista!! Today's topic of how to create wedding style under $25 was inspired by recent frustrating events.  Here's what happened....My friend's wedding was two days away. I bought a lovely dress (well in advance) and took it into my tailor to get a few minor alterations.   All was working out well, until I picked up my dress and discovered it needed to be taken in some more.  *Ughhh.* There was no way it would be ready in time for the wedding...

I wallowed (for a while!) because, hello!, I found the greatest dress on earth and now I couldn't wear it to the wedding! :( I told my husband what happened. Actually, I vented and maybe, cried a little on his shoulder...hoping he would let me buy another one. His first suggestion was to call someone to borrow a dress. I thought, "Yeah! That would be great if we didn't move an hour away from our friends and family." But the fact that we did, it wouldn't exactly be "free" to borrow a dress. It would take a bit of gas money (and time).

True-to-form, my husband whips out a calculator to see what it would REALLY cost to make the trip.  Two seconds later he shouts: $25!! Then says...."Honey, you can go buy another dress....(Music to my ears!!) - My hands instantly searching for the car keys- ready to fly out the door, until he said: " long as it's $25 or less."  My typical reaction would've been to question his calculations and re-negotiate the amount up. (lol) But this time, my Fashionista instinct kicked in and I decided to take on the challenge. I wondered if it were possible to pull this off.  And if so, I could share how you could too!

So I said, "Fine. You're ON!"

The next morning I woke up determined. I scoured my emails for sales events and discovered LOFT was having a 50% off sale on EVERYTHING in the store - including full-priced items. GREAT! I'll go there first (with a couple other places in mind just in case LOFT didn't have anything under $25).  Within minutes of arriving, I spotted a CUTE cotton dress in MY SIZE...and 50% off the SALE PRICE. I tried it on, and sure enough it was a winner! Now that I've created wedding style under $25, here are some important guidelines I've created from this experience...

Do's & Don'ts...

1. Don't dismiss retailers that you'd consider "too expensive."  When I first set out on this challenge, my first thought was "Who sells cheap dresses?" I typically, shop at LOFT and dismissed them because the dresses cost from $50 - $120 (which would easily blow my budget and my bragging rights ;) but, the fact is that every store has a SALE RACK and....DEALS.  Which means, you have a great chance finding a NICE, quality dress within your budget at your favorite full-price retailer!

2. DO subscribe to your favorite retailer's email list. That way when you're in a bind (I pray you aren't...ever!) you'll know which store has the best deal when you need it!

3. Don't dismiss dresses that appear too casual.  As long as you find one in an elegant deep color you can ALWAYS ACCESSORIZE it for a fancier look!

4. Do assess your current accessory stock.  Before you shop, take a look at your shoes, jewelry and jackets to get an idea of what type of dress would work with your existing accessories.

The Receipt!!
...Shopping Breakdown....

Dress: On Sale for $24.99 (w/additional 50% off) - $12.49!!!!

Bracelets: On Clearance for $12.99 (w/additional 50% off) - $6.49!!!

* Totaling: $20.45!!! *

(I wish I could show you a picture of my husband's face when I showed him the receipt.
It was....PRICELESS!!)

See, Fashionista, it can be fun and easy to create wedding style under $25. All you need to do is realize you will have lots of luck if you are prepared.  Subscribe to your favorite store's email list to spot sales events, try on casual dresses and take time to assess your current accessory stock. I hope you enjoyed today's post! Wishing you a wonderful week, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Style Rut for a Petite Woman

Q & A Fashionable Thursday:
Style Rut for a Petite Woman
Q: Hi Amanda,

I follow your blog on Facebook and love your tips and advice. I need your help!!!  I design for lovely ladies all the time but I just can't seem to find what's right for me so I end up wearing the generic grey sweater and jeans combo.  My other dilemma is that I'm 36, can still fit into juniors sizing but want more edgy sophistication. I'm at a fashion crossroads! Not quite young enough to pull off junior fashions but too hip to transition to the ladies department.   My regular job requires a uniform so my closet has become a wasteland....
Thanks for your help!


A: Hi Tisha!  

I totally understand what you mean. I am in the same boat as you - (being all of 5'2 and still able to fit in my younger cousin's clothing!) it makes you feel like you belong in the Junior department, when in reality you don't!

The GOOD news is that there are stores out there that will offer you the type of style you love in clothing that will FIT your petite frame.
I would suggest starting your shopping research at LOFT (formerly known as Ann Taylor Loft). The reason I suggest LOFT is because they have sizing that will compliment your petite frame. Go into their store and try on their "Petite" sizes to get a feel of how it fits on your figure. I am hopeful that you will find sizing success there. So try it out and let me know how it works for you! 
Now, let's address your everyday wear. You said you have a tendency to wear jeans and grey sweaters? I would suggest ditching your grey sweater and keeping the jeans. This time I want you to ACCESSORIZE. Wear a belt with your jeans. Instead of using plain belts, try a skinny belt in a bold color like red. Or a patent leather blue belt. Don't be afraid to use COLOR. 
Switch up your tops. If you wear form-fitting v-necks, try wearing a slouch v-neck. Instead of a ribbed tank, wear a lace tank.  Variety is truly the spice of style in addition to life! Make sure you're alternating pieces in your everyday wear to keep it fresh and exciting. If you notice your accessories - like, belts, jewelry and tops are all one color and a specific type, go out and shop for new ones.
Just this little tweak will refresh your style in no time!  Thank you, Tisha for asking your question. I'd love to know how it goes for you! Keep in touch!  If you, Fashionista, have a style dilemma, PLEASE send me an email at Info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com!
Your Fashion Coach

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fashionable Looks for Casual Friday

Hey Fashionista!! When I worked in an office environment, I ALWAYS looked forward to Casual Friday.  That day was like gold to me! It not only meant the weekend was seconds away, but it also meant I could break out of the mundane black and white, trouser-top-suit-mix and create fashionable looks for casual Friday! 

Feeling a little stuck and not sure how to create fashionable looks for casual Friday? Not to worry! I've got several refreshing fashionable looks for casual Friday! Take a look below.

The Quintessential Fashionable Look for Casual Friday

Denim Jeans + Casual Pretty Top + Casual Colored Blazer + Fabulous Handbag + Casual Fun Shoes + Coordinated Accessories

The overall theme here is to stay true to professionalism, in a more playful way.  Want to learn more about creating such a look? Great! Let's start with jeans.  To maintain a professional look, your jeans should be a medium to dark wash. So, forget about wearing those cute "hole-y" jeans to the office because they are just a tad bit too casual.  It's important to keep within the dress code for your office.

Colored jeans, like in the photo above, are fabulous for casual Friday. Make sure they are hemmed and fit you well just like a pair of slacks or trousers would to keep within the professional boundaries.  Make sure you off-set it with a black blazer!

Blazers are always great to wear on casual Friday.   They are especially beneficial when you're wearing something that might border on too casual, like colored denim.  When in doubt, just throw on a black blazer to 'up' the professional factor.  If your outfit, no question, is within professional limits, you can ditch black and go for a punch of color, like green! 

Blouses. Have some fun with your top.  Loose blouses are incredibly comfortable and look fashionable for casual Friday at the office. Sometimes you can slip a graphic tee under and crisp blazer for a fun twist to your casual Friday look.

Now that we're in Summer, try an all-white combination to bring out your playful, yet sophisticated vibe.  Wearing a slightly oversized button-up blouse with skinny white jeans and pumps looks fashionable yet professional for casual Friday. You can also try this look in playful colors like in the photo below.

Overall, casual Fridays are meant to give you a break at the end of the week to loosen up and ease into your weekend.  Why look dull when you can have a lot of fun creating fashionable looks for casual Friday?  I hope these style tips and photo inspirations motivates you to bring your own personal flair to the office on Fridays!  Feel free to post a picture of your favorite casual Friday look on my Facebook wall! Here's to a fabulous and fashionable week, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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