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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

How to Create Fashionista Style for Any Baseball Game!

(My favorite...Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, CA!)

Hey Fashionista!! Who's your favorite baseball team? Dodgers? Red Sox? Cardinals?  Personally, I LOVE the Dodgers! I have the best memories going to the Dodger games with my dad. We always had the most entertaining conversations about our favorite players, who we didn't like, and who was going to win. Whenever summer rolls around, I long for the warm summer days at the Dodger stadium devouring their infamous Dodger dogs (with lots of ketchup- of course) and over-dramatic displays of fan-ship...(I think I just made that word up? lol!).  You don't have to possess fond childhood memories of baseball to want to look stylish for a trip to the game. All you need to know is that baseball games are VERY easy to dress for.  Think of baseball as a time to wear your favorite basics....denim, tanks, and flip flops.  Read on to find out how to create fashionista style for any baseball game!

The most on-trend basics for this season are: slub racerback tanks and denim capris (like the pair I'm wearing to the left). These are COMFORTABLE pieces to wear and are quite stylish.  They can be easily tweaked to support your baseball team. ;)  Here's the style breakdown....1. Denim: When choosing denim, make sure you select the right type of denim for the current weather conditions.  If it's super hot that day, wear jean shorts or capris jeans.  If you're going to an evening game (especially at the beginning of the season) pants will work better.  2. Shoes: Flip flops are awesome and go with everything. Pick your favorite pair and wear them!  3. Hat: This is a MUST.  If you don't have one, borrow your dad/brother/cousin/husband's favorite hat.  Or if you have time, buy one.  Just make sure it has the REAL team colors.  For instance, the Dodgers sell pink hats for women. Don't get me wrong, I love pink and they look cute and all.  But our team color is BLUE.  If we show up to the game with the wrong colors we look like amateurs when, really, we know how to keep up with the best of 'em! So if you want to buy your own hat, make sure it has the authentic team colors.

4. Racerback Tanks: Pick one in a bold color (like the one I'm wearing to the right)....not only will you look stylish, but it will increase your chances of starring on the jumbotron (seriously! I got on 3 times in one game! ;)  Try contrasting your team colors BUT make sure you're not using your rival's color.  For example...the Dodger's are blue and their rival's (Angels) are red. As much as I love red, I made sure to let my red racerback tank collect dust in the back of my closet.  Instead, I chose yellow to contrast the blue nicely.  Hey, I'd like to see my 29th birthday! However, if you don't have another color to contrast your team's color, white usually works just as well.  5. Accessories: In this case, less is more. Lightly accessorize by choosing a cool watch in a neutral tone and dainty jewelry that won't distract from your overall look. Don't forget to paint your nails the same colors as your team! It's a quick and easy way to create fashionista style for the baseball game. ;)   Alright, Fashionista!! Now you know how to create fashionista style for any baseball game! Go out there and have a blast!! Feel free to share your favorite baseball team in the comments section below - I'd love to know who you're rooting for!! Have a beautiful day!

Your Fashion Coach

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