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Monday, June 18, 2012

Fashion Serendipity!!

Hey Fashionista!! I experienced "Fashion Serendipity" today!! What's a 'Fashion Serendipity' you ask? Allow me to explain....(there's quite a bit of fantastic-ness for you.) This morning I logged onto Facebook (as usual) to check my horoscope; see what my family and friends were up to, and created a few fashion posts for my fan page. 

As I swished through my newsfeed, I stumbled upon a BEAUTIFUL blue and white chevron strapless maxi dress (pictured to the left!).  I instantly knew this dress was "the one" that would work beautifully for the 4th of July! It's festive, a maxi (my favorite style) and would work for other functions beyond the 4th of July. This dress simply fit the bill!  (Yes, I totally plan my holiday ensemble in advance! lol). 

I clicked on the link prepared to purchase away! Only, I was met with shock and size was no longer available in the color I wanted! ((((No!)))  AND it was priced higher than I thought it was worth.  {{Double whammy.}}   At that point I considered buying the yellow one. Maybe I could add blue and white accessories to make it look festive for the 4th of July.  I started imagining myself in it (for 30 seconds to be exact) and knew it wouldn't work. My heart was set on the blue one. :/

I let it go and carried on with my day. Ran a few errands. Got some work done. Then I logged onto Pinterest and saw that one of my friends pinned the same chevron strapless maxi dress in yellow.  I clicked on it (thinking it was from the same boutique) and happily discovered ANOTHER online retailer sold it!! Not only that, they had blue IN STOCK  in my SIZE!! Just when I thought it could not get any better, I saw that it was only $36.99! Much cheaper than the other boutique! I was  doing the happy dance!! My disappointment quickly melted away and my enthusiasm returned! I felt like the fashion gods were smiling down on me! :) hehe.

SO! Here are my tips for you if you are ever in the same situation.....1. Follow random people's style boards on Pinterest. The only requirement is to LIKE or LOVE that person's fashion pins.  I followed a stranger's style board and she was the one who hooked me up without even realizing it! (I'll have to send her a thank you note when I'm done writing this post!)

2. Do a Pinterest search on the item you're looking for. You never know, it might pop up. 

3. Don't compromise. If a dress costs too much and/or the color is out of stock, don't settle for something that you don't want. Let it go and let The Universe surprise you with a Fashion Serendipity!

In short, a Fashion Serendipity, is when you find what you're looking for without even trying- and it works out better than you thought possible!! I stumbled across the same dress, in the color I wanted, in my size and half off. Remember don't settle for less than what you want, Fashionista! Your Fashion Serendipity could be right around the corner!! If you've already experienced a 'Fashion Serendipity' I'd love to hear your story! Share with us in the comment section below!! Have a beautiful day!!

Your Fashion Coach

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  1. We are glad that you liked the dress that you bought from us.

    Ayman @

  2. I hope I can get this lucky for the 4th as well!! Great advice :)

  3. I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!

  4. Yes, Ayman!! So glad I found you guys on Pinterest. The price was perfect and loved that you had my size in stock! <3 I've got your store on my radar to make a few more purchases in the future! xox

  5. Sending luck your way, Shannon!! <3

  6. Wow thank you for the nomination!! Your blog is so cute! xoxo

  7. My blog is dedicated to the concept of fashion serendipity!

  8. I just checked out your blog, R! I love it! Thank you for stopping by my site. :) xox -A

  9. Could you tell me the brand of this dress please? :)


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