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Monday, April 2, 2012

Should You Splurge on Sunglasses?

Hey Fashionista!
Sunglasses are my favorite accessory to wear.  It's actually the most utilized accessory  we own.  Our purses are second, but if you think about it, we can go many places without our purse.  But not our sunglasses.  Since we invest so much time with one accessory in particular, how do you know if you should splurge on sunglasses? There are pro's and con's to splurging on expensive shades. But not everyone needs expensive sunglasses. Depending on your lifestyle and habits, I'll show you when you should splurge and when you should save your cash.
Splurge on Sunglasses if...

1. You want one "everyday" pair that will last you for more than a year.
If you adore classic round-shaped glasses in black or brown hues, you'll be happier investing in one-pair of sunglasses that will go with your wardrobe.

2. Your eyes are sensitive to the sun. 
Paying more for a pair of sunglasses will give you better UV protection.  That means no-more squinting!

3.  You know where your keys, sunglasses, wallet and purse are in this exact moment!
Seriously! If you are cautious about your belongings, you'll take very good care of your expensive sunglasses.  I've had my Tom Ford sunglasses for 4 years now...still in great shape, still in style, still get compliments! :)

Do Not Splurge on Sunglasses if..

1. You love funky trendy sunglasses that were inspired by Snooki.
Nothing against Ms. Snooki, but if you're chasing fads that reality stars are popularizing, you'll see that trend fade well as your $200 investment.

2. You have a hard time remembering where your sunglasses are before you leave the house.
This is another sign you'll kiss a few hundred dollars goodbye.  Invest your hard-earned money elsewhere, and go for a $15 pair of sunglasses instead.

3. You have brown eyes.
Studies show that women with brown eyes have less sensitivity to the sun.  So, if you're a "brown-eyed girl" you can get away with less UV eye protection that comes with cheaper sunglasses.

Should you splurge on sunglasses or not, Fashionista? Let me know what results you came up with in the comment section below. Remember to share this information with your fellow fashionista friends so they can tell if they should splurge on sunglasses! Thank you for reading!

Your Fashion Coach

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