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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Clean Your Closet!

Hi Fashionista!~Most of us shop our little hearts out until we don’t know what's left in our closets.  We can’t remember if we still like that white blouse we bought from Macy’s in October, or if that green jacket really fits us the way it used to last winter.  Save yourself time in the morning before work and time before going out on a date by spring cleaning your closet!  Plus, there’s nothing as freeing as a closet weed-out! 

Here’s how to do it!

Group everything you own by type – dresses, sweaters, pants, shoes, etc.  Get rid of all the “toos”: too big, too small, too outdated.  Now for the self-discovery!  Out of what you’re keeping, which items suffuse you with confidence, which shapes are nice to yours, which labels fit best?  And are there themes in your rejects?  Multiples of a color or style you don’t wear?  Memorize these for when you go shopping again. 

What should you do with the clothes you don’t want, you might ask? I believe in recycling clothes!  Donate your clothes to your local Goodwill.  You can find a location by visiting:

Congratulations! You've just spring cleaned your closet – so early on in the year, too – woo hoo! You now know what really works for you!  Be sure to share these tips with your friends, Fashionista! Help them be a proud owner of what really works for them too!  Have a wonderful day!
Your Fashion Coach

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