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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring 2012 Trend: Bold Colors

Hello Fashionista!! By now, you've probably seen the increasingly popular spring 2012 trend: bold colors in Glamour Magazine, Cosmo, or in stores. Without a doubt, bold colors are a hot trend - even if it seems like it's happening a season too soon.  Many people are accustomed to pastel colors blossoming on the fashion scene in spring, and may not see an abundance of it with all the bold colors decorating catalog pages, online shops and Pinterest.  You're right, Spring is normally for pastel hues, but the fashion industry likes to keep us on our toes so we always have something fresh and exciting to wear...which is great for us fashionistas! 

Now that spring 2012 trend: bold colors is officially on our radar, we need to chat about how you can successfully wear this super hot spring 2012 trend.   A great way to start wearing bold colors is to choose a neutral color like white.  Why white? Because white is the perfect neutral to contrast (and marry) other bold colors together (exactly what this trend calls for!)   

I'd suggest picking white jeans, capris, or shorts to start with.  (If you don't have a pair yet, take an afternoon to hunt for them!) Then, coordinate a striking white pair of denim jeans with a bold orange tank like the one to the right. Add a complimentary bold color like red, in an envelope clutch.  Carry the red into more accessories like a belt or wedges, to complete the look. :)

Bonus tip: With this type of outfit, keep your accessories (like, watch, bracelets, necklace) a neutral tone.  Gold works best in this case because it is subtle and non-competitive with bold colors.  Choose jewelry on a smaller scale to also enhance the overall look without clashing with the other colors. 

***My favorite bold color outfit is****

You can shop this look from my closet!

Are you going to try out the freshest spring 2012 trend: bold colors?  Go on and turn heads, Fashionista! See you next week. ;) Psst...don't forget to share this post with your friends so they can start unleashing their inner-fashionista, too!! Have a fabulous week! xoxo

Your Fashion Coach


  1. Love your favorite bold color outfit! You look like a cool top model :D!!!

  2. Awww Orit!! You're so sweet!! I'm glad you liked it! Have you tried this trend yet? <3 <3 <3

  3. Very cute... I love the look. That bold blue is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing,


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