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Monday, February 27, 2012

Winterize Your Spring Dress!

Can you hear the birds chirping, Fashionista? Have you seen the flowers slightly blooming? Can you smell the sweet fragrances in the air? Spring is definitely on the way!  Retailers have released their spring line of dresses and they are so freakin’ cute (I mean, how can you not smile when you see pastel hues and frilly patterns?) We aren’t quite ready to go sans jackets…just yet, but I am sure you have already purchased a new spring dress and are dying to break out it now! Right? Right! Since chilly days and evenings are still hanging around, I've come up with a solution to winterize your spring dress! Ready for it? Ok!

Accessorize! Long cardigans are fabulous for warming up spring dresses.  The now-est look is a length that’s flush with the hemline of your dress.  In addition to a long cardigan, add thick textured tights and boots to keep warm while showing off your new printed spring dress! Want to take your spring dress to work? Sub in a tailored jacket and some conservative low-heel pumps.
Bonus style tip: Just add some chunky jewelry and flats or peep-toe high heels and you’re ready to wow! . 

There is no need to wait until for spring to enjoy your new spring dress. Just incorporate these tips to winterize your spring dress to kick off Spring 2012! Happy Almost-Spring, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, February 13, 2012

5 Colors to Wear for a Happiness Boost

Here in Southern California, we know we have it good. The weather is mostly sunny and warm – even in the winter months.  However, when the time changes and the days get shorter most of us can suffer from the blues.  Sunlight fades before work is over and it feels like there is no time to walk or run outside after a long day of work.  After years of going through time changes, I decided it's time to take happiness in my own hands. Even if the days get shorter in the winter, we can still feel like happy days of spring are just around the corner! How so? The trick is to incorporate these 5 colors for a happiness boost!

Color #1: Green! According to green promotes a sense in nature, growth, peace and harmony.  Add a bold green scarf to your winter wear for a happiness boost and to promote you sense of nature – even at work.

Color #2: Yellow! The color yellow is bright and cheerful – similar to the sun.  Since we love our long beach days under the sun, it only makes sense to incorporate this bright and cheerful color into your cardigan or tie to get a happiness boost!

Color #3: Blue! Blue is a great color and represents the sky and the sea.  Blue also promotes productivity and generates focus – which helps you gain a happiness boost and productivity boost while you’re at work!

Color #4: Orange!  This flamboyant colors triggers memories of fun and happy times. The boldness of this hue also strikes energy into your day, which helps boost your happiness too.  Why not grab a chunky orange beaded bracelet or earrings to your suit combo?

Color #5: Red.  This color is known to get your heart pumping.  Just the sight of red attracts attention immediately and promotes energy of love – which will kick your winter blues to the curb.  Add a red cardigan to your jeans and flats, or work wear. 

Bold colors are great to wear for a happiness boost, but also come with more responsibility to maintain. Be sure to keep your bold colors looking new by washing them in cold water, inside out.  For cashmere, silk or other delicate fabrics, make sure you take them to a professional dry cleaner.  That way they will be around to keep you happy for many winters to come!  Share these 5 colors to wear for a happiness boost post with your friends, Fashionista! Have a wonderful week!

Your Fashion Coach
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