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Monday, January 30, 2012

How to Wear the Boyfriend Blazer

Hello Fashionista!! It's true...I've fallen in love...and hard too!  I've fallen in love with the boyfriend blazer! (Kinda funny how it says "boyfriend" huh? ;) The Boyfriend Blazer is a super versatile, affordable, and classy jacket.  Originally, the boyfriend blazer was derived from the man's powersuit back in 80's as a way to keep the growing population of women in the work-force looking professional in the corporate world. I personally depise the OG boyfriend blazer, because of its unflattering features.  The original boyfriend blazer was long - about mid-thigh, shapeless - think, boxy, and bulky.  It did nothing for our figures except hide them. The new version is  much sleeker.  It still has a long length, but it is much shorter than what it used to be.  A modernized boyfriend blazer will sit below your hip by 2-3 inches instead of down your thigh. So how does a Fashionista incorporate this fabulous piece into her wardrobe? Let me show you how to wear the boyfriend blazer!
Before I give you the "style formula" I want to mention how and why the boyfriend blazer fits.  I'm sure you've heard me go on and on about the awesome slimming benefits of a blazer, right? There's a reason for that - a GREAT reason, in fact.  Blazers accentuate and flatter your figure because that one simple button at the waistline places the attention on your teeny-tiny waistline (which I know you've forgotten is there, right?! Silly girl!)  Since blazers cinch your waistline, you're elongating the frame, slimming (while balancing!) your figure. Nice feature, right?

Not only is the boyfriend blazer slimming, it is super versatile!  I LOVE pairing my boyfriend blazer with jeans! Let me tell ya, you can wear them with ANY type of jeans...capri jeans, skinny jeans, flare jeans, white jeans, and, even, neon jeans! Not to mention dresses, skirts, and shorts!

Here are some ideas on how you can wear your boyfriend blazer in different ways to be chic 24/7...

If you want to go an upscale martini lounge....
Boyfriend Blazer + Sequin Dress + Black Pumps + Tights (to stay warm in the Winter!) = Voila, you're ultra glam

If you want to go to a low-key spot for some beers...
Boyfriend Blazer + Skinny Jeans + Suede Wedges + Slub Tee (for a more relaxed, yet classy feel)

If you want to wear it to the office....
Boyfriend Blazer + Pencil Skirt + Pumps + Pinstripe Blouse (Super sophisticated, Fashionista!)

If you want to wear it while running errands on the weekend...
Boyfriend Blazer + Boot Cut Jeans + Tee + Flats

Needless to say, the boyfriend blazer is a modernized, fabulous and ultra feminine piece you must get your hands on, Fashionista! Many retailers carry this gem at a super affordable price.  Be sure to share these tips on how to wear the boyfriend blazer with your Fashionista friends! Thank you for reading!

Your Fashion Coach

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: When Your Fave Color Doesn't Flatter

Dear Amanda,

I REALLY love the color mustard yellow - even in Winter, however, I have light skin and dark hair.  It doesn't exactly flatter me best.  What other colors should I use instead, for let's say, a sweater?  Thank you for your help!

-Olivia S.
(New York, New York)

Hi Olivia!

What a great question.  If you have a favorite color (or pattern!) that you know does not look good on you here's what you do: incorporate it into accessories (shoes, purses, scarves or jewelry).  That way you can still wear it and have it look nice on you.  Pink doesn't look best on me - even though it is one of my favorite colors - because of my pink-y skintone (which only enhances the blush tones - not so flattering!) but it does not mean I cannot enjoy pink flats, earrings or a purse!  It means I've gotta incorporate it in subtle ways, like accessories!

So, go out there and rock mustard yellow, Fashionista! If you like, you can share a picture of yourself wearing it on my Facebook page (! 

**If YOU have a FASHION dilemma, please email me at info(at)thefashionistacoach(dot)com! Have a terrific thursday, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Fashionable Friday the 13th!

Happy Fashionable Friday the 13th, Fashionista!! Wear a CUTE outfit to keep the bad luck away!

Your Fashion Coach

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday Worthy Review: Lemongrass Spa

Hey, Hey, Fashionista! Welcome to Wednesday Worthy Review!  My intention for Wednesday Worthy Review is to bring additional sources of inspiration into your life that will help maintain your beautiful life to the fullest! As a Fashionista, we maintain style by taking care of our body, spirit and mind!  So it is my highest priority to tell you about shops and products that are 100% worthy of your attention and that will enhance your life!  So, having said that, let me introduce this week's Wednesday Worthy Review: Lemongrass Spa!!

I had the pleasure of getting to know fabulous Lemongrass Spa Representative, Lakia, on Twitter. What caught my attention about @SpaDivaLakia (Lakia's Twitter handle!) is that she sells skin care with fine natural ingredients that are chemical-free!  I L-O-V-E that we can indulge in a good thing knowing that it is totally healthy for our bodies and easy on our wallets! I tried a couple of Lemongrass' ahh-mazing products and this is what I thought....

After using the "Body Polish"  in the shower (couple of dabs of product in the wash cloth) my skin felt like a polished diamond! I could see the how polish unearthed a new sheen to my skin.  Seriously, celebrities should be using this body polish for a red-carpet glow!  You can grab this body polish for $15/jar!

I also loved Lemongrass Spa's "Body Silk."  First of all, it feels like heaven on very dry skin.  Most moisturizers and lotions feel too greasy for winter dry skin, but this lotion gave me the perfect hydration for my dry hands.  It smells divine and only costs $18 for 5 oz.! I highly recommend "eternal bliss" - it smells delish!  ;)

Lemongrass has many, many more luxurious products to indulge in.  As your Fashion Coach, I give you full permission to treat yourself to something special! Not only are the products decadent but they are very affordable and all natural! Shop Lakia's website at: and email her with any question -she's very quick at answering them! :)  Have a wonderful Wednesday, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, January 9, 2012

Frocks & Rocks: My New Favorite Boutique!

Happy New Year, Fashionista!  Was your NYE all you hoped it to be? I hope so!  The last couple of NYE's I stayed home to watch the ball drop on tv.  But this year my friend from my hometown invited me out to her place.  We planned a girl's day filled with bike riding (at the beach), shopping, lunch, dinner and dancing (later that night).   My idea of the perfect day! :)

Upon arriving to her place, we hopped on our bikes and hit the beach!  On the way down, I spotted this adorable boutique called Frocks & Rocks; which I had no idea would become my new favorite boutique!

(There's my friend and I cruising on the strand! See me in the back with my hair sticking up? Haha)

As we stepped foot inside, we were met by such a friendly sales clerk whom informed us of a 30% off sale!  My friend and I love sales, but what we loved even more was the gorgeous clothing and interiors.  (I am a sucker for great architecture). This store had an amazing urban feel; floor to ceiling glass, rich wood and bricks adorning all four walls.  It felt like a hip, downtown chic boutique.  It didn't take long for my friend and I to locate a bunch of great pieces we could wear out that night.  I found a super cute sequin dress that looked perfect for dancing.  But then, I discovered a chiffon, short a-line dress.  I swear, it was love-at-first-sight! But I couldn't decided without trying them on- of course- always a MUST, when you are indecisive!

(Silly me, I forgot to take a "head-to-toe" pic of my dress on NYE, so I took one today! ;)

I tried on both lovely frocks and discovered the a-line chiffon dress to be a winner!  (AND, this dress totally works for my Fashion New Year's Resolution #2: Love More....Put on a pretty chiffon dress and twirl with my love <3) Oh, and the price was only $35! {{Such a steal!}} Did I mention how warm and friendly the sales clerk at Frocks & Rocks was?  Since I was going on a bike ride after shopping at Frocks & Rocks, they offered to hold my dress AND steam it for me! How sweet is that? :D It really felt like I had another best friend to shop with! 
(Us before leaving for the night...Somehow I forgot to get the entire outfit in the picture!
My friend is on the left and I am on the right! :)

If you live in (or near) El Segundo, California, you must check out Frocks & Rocks: my new favorite boutique!  You'll love the shopping experience, the gorgeous frocks, and incredible prices! Here's their information:  203 W. Grand Ave., El Segundo, CA 90245.  While they don't have a website, you can check them out on Facebook at: always, I'd love to see what you wore on New Year's Eve!  Feel free to post your outfit photo on my Facebook wall at! Happy 2012, Fashionista! May it bring you all the best!

Your Fashion Coach

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Laundry Tip: Denim Jeans

Happy SUNday, Fashionista! Since Sunday is my usual day for laundry, I thought I'd share my secret to long lasting denim jeans! Before throwing your denim jeans in the wash, make sure you pull them inside out.  Use COLD water and hang dry. This prevents fading and fraying, which will make them last longer! Hope you're enjoying your Sunday! Thank you for reading my laundry tip for denim jeans!

Your Fashion Coach
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