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Monday, December 19, 2011

Amanda's Rules to Discover Your Perfect Wardrobe

Being a Fashionista means you have discovered what looks good on you.  You've created a wardrobe based on what looks good on you...not what the world tells you, you need to wear.  I don't know how I discovered this truth, but I know I caught wind of it in Kindergarten.  I rebelled against my mother's outfit choices for me.  I remember insisting I picked out my own outfits.  I put every crybaby to shame when my mom took me "window shopping." I kicked, cried and screamed because my mom couldn't buy me anything that day. lol I'm thinking I was born to be a fashion-loving, shopper! 
I think a lot of the time we don't know what looks good on us because we're afraid of going outside the box.  Maybe a certain look is too expensive.  Maybe, you tried on a particular top and it didn't flatter your figure.  Maybe someone you love was critical when you were trying something new.  So why bother, right?  I hear you.  I struggle with these thoughts from time to time.  However, that does not mean you should give up on building a fabulous wardrobe!  There's a way to get around the "roadblocks" to discover WHAT LOOKS GOOD ON YOU.  Here's a few words of advice that have worked for me....Try them on for size! ;)

Amanda's Rule #1: Look through magazines.....You know that huge stack of magazines sitting on your bookshelf that you've plowed through already? Yes, grab those. Look for outfits, clothes, looks that give you that feeling of curiosity and excitement! (Signs that you're on the right track). Don't have many magazines? No problem! Go online, search outfit keywords on Google, or join Pinterest and search "fashion." Sign up for catalogs to your favorite store and start pulling out some new looks you want to try. I started looking through magazines and catalogs to figure out what dazzled me when I left my office job and started working from home. My former wardrobe was fit for the corporate atmosphere, but obviously that was not fitting my lifestyle anymore. I started with this step and found a new style I loved even more.

Amanda's Rule #2: Go Shopping and Try EVERYTHING on....that is...everything that catches your eye and gives you that exhilirating feeling. Similiar to the butterfly feeling. You know, when you spot a cute guy across the room? Suddenly you have butterflies and a surge of excitement? Just like that. That's what you'll want to go for. Whatever gives you that feeling, act on it. Grab that top/pant/purse/bracelet and try it on, Fashionista! However, I must warn you, when you start to follow your gut/your heart/your bliss, just know that negative voice may show it's unpleasant face to stop you in your tracks. Don't listen to it! Keep trying things on. I guarantee, you'll find what looks good on you! ALSO -- enlist the help of a sales clerk to make sure what you're trying on is flattering your figure best. 

Take these tips to start with and see what you come up with.  Maybe you will discover you are more vintage than bohemian.  Or you favor classic styles versus trendy ones.  Either way, this is a GREAT place to start your journey!  Stay tuned for more of Amanda's Rules to Discover Your Perfect Wardrobe!

Your Fashion Coach

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