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Monday, November 7, 2011

Misadventures of the Nerdy-Chic Glasses

Hellooooo Fashionista!  Have you embraced this ever-growing and popular trend: the nerdy-chic glasses?  So many celebrities and self-acclaimed Fashionistas have hit the ground running with this trend and made it their own. I finally jumped on the bandwagon two months ago when I was cruising Pinterest for Fall fashion ideas.  As soon as I laid my eyes on this picture, I fell hopelessly in love with nerdy-chic glasses.  What drew me to like them? I'm not sure exactly, but there are certain qualities nerdy-chic glasses give a Fashionista.  Here's my quick list...
1. Nerdy-Chic Glasses make you look super smart!...and sophisticated!
2. Anyone can wear them- even if you don't need prescription glasses!
3. They bring attention to your beautiful eyes!
4. You can vacate your current role in life....(housewife instantly becomes a presitigious CEO; an Ice Cream Scooper transforms into a Super-Scoopin' Queen; Serious fashionistas become Sexy!) 
Don't believe me? Try a pair!


5.  Nerdy-Chic Glasses provoke hilarious conversations with your family and friends! I kid you not, my husband, friends and family did not know what to do when I started walking around in *pink* nerdy-chic glasses.  (See my picture below!) I am sure they assumed I was crazy because truth be told I have nearly perfect vision. Ha!

Honestly, I think they look COOL!

But the real fun part was hearing the funny feedback from my friends and family, seeing several head-shakes (from my husband- yes, I'm calling you out honey!), and several neck-breaking stares from total (yet cute) strangers at the grocery store. LOL

Take my advice and embrace the nerdy-chic glasses trend! See what kind of magic appears before your very eyes! 8-) Have a funny story  about trying this trend? Email me at info(at)TheFashionistaCoach(dot)com- or leave a comment below!

Thanks for reading, Fashionista!
Your Fashion Coach


  1. Always find something chic, cute and different to try on your website. Thank you!

  2. Why thank you! So glad you're finding helpful tips here. :)

  3. Love this post! I have a pair of fake glasses and I am always paranoid to wear them because I do not have a prescription... but I think I will try it out tonight.. haha


  4. Yay Jani! So glad you're going for it! I promise you'll love it. :) Feel free to post a picture of you and your glasses on my facebook page xox-Amanda

  5. I wear RED nerdy chic glasses on a regular basis. My mom's like "Why do you look like a grasshopper?" My friend's like "Why are you so hipster?" Strangers are like "Are those real?"

    I mean... cmon guys. They're glasses. I need them to see. They're big so I can see EVERYTHING and they're red because red goes well with my skin. Whatelsedoyawannntt? LOL

  6. LOL!!!!
    I hear ya Udoka!! Funny how a cute accessory can cause so much controversy, huh?? I love that you're wearing RED glasses!! I bet they look really cute! I just bought a pair of overside red sunglasses and I can't get enough.
    Keep rockin' it, girl!! xo

  7. love Firmoo and actually waiting for my sunglasses. Really excited!

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