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Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Roll Your Jeans

Hi Fashionista! Fall is beckoning, and that means one thing: jeans are coming out of the closet! We need to make this clothing staple look fresh and fashionable each time we wear them.  To make sure we never see another dull day of jeans,  here are the TWO most fashionable ways you'll wear your jeans that will ensure fabulosity!  {Say No dullness right now!!} Here's how to roll your jeans!

How to Roll Your Jeans: Flats + Jeans

When you're wearing Flats + Jeans together, roll your jeans up to your shin- (the mid-point between your ankle and your knee). Flats + rolled jeans are a fun way to add flair to casual weekend wear. I like taking it a step further by wearing printed flats like you see below! 

Shopping Tip: I bought my Leopard Print Flats from Target (last year) for $9!  I recommend checkingTarget to find cute + fashionable flats for a low price!  The jeans are from my friend, Jamie- who so kindly gave them to me for Free! :)

How to Roll Your Jeans: Heels + Jeans
Let's reverse my instructions for Flats and apply them to heels!  Yes! When you're rolling your jeans with your heels, you'll want to keep them closer to the shoe!  If you're wearing a skinny jeans, make your cuff 1"- and 2"-3" for Boot-Cut jeans. 

I bought these heels last weekend at Payless for $29.99! 
They are very comfortable + stylish and will GO with EVERYTHING!
If you want more details on this shoe, go to My Closet and scroll down to the bottom for purchasing details! 

In honor of today's post: How to Roll Your Jeans, tell me in the comments below, what's your favorite pair of jeans to roll up! Do you have a favorite pair of heels or flats? I wanna know! Thank you so much for reading, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach


  1. I can't wait to try the rolled jeans with my new gladiator heels (purchased on sale at DSW!!) Should be a fun look with an off the shoulder peasant style blouse (Vict. Secret has a couple really cute off shoulder blouses!!) FUN FALL LOOK!!!

  2. That's awesome, Cherie!! Gladiator heels and rolled jeans are so stylish - especially with a s peasant top. You go girl! ;)


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