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Monday, September 19, 2011

The Yellow Jacket

The Yellow Jacket For Work

Don't be afraid to jazz up your work style every now and again with a little color. :)

The Yellow Jacket For Evenings Out

You're HOT and we all know it! 
Why not wear it on your sleeve? {pun intended!}
P.S. you can find this one at Charlotte Russe ;)

The Yellow Jacket For Cold Days

 Just because the air is chilly doesn't mean we need to be!
Buttery yellow coats are perfect to keep you smiling during the cold days. <3

Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Friday List!

Happy Friday Fashionista!
In honor of our favorite day of the week, I thought I'd post a short list of things that make me happy....
Here's my Happy Friday List!
Photo courtesy of

What's on your happy list?
Any of these?
Wishing you a Happy Friday full of everything
on your happy list!
Happy Friday, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Roll Your Jeans

Hi Fashionista! Fall is beckoning, and that means one thing: jeans are coming out of the closet! We need to make this clothing staple look fresh and fashionable each time we wear them.  To make sure we never see another dull day of jeans,  here are the TWO most fashionable ways you'll wear your jeans that will ensure fabulosity!  {Say No dullness right now!!} Here's how to roll your jeans!

How to Roll Your Jeans: Flats + Jeans

When you're wearing Flats + Jeans together, roll your jeans up to your shin- (the mid-point between your ankle and your knee). Flats + rolled jeans are a fun way to add flair to casual weekend wear. I like taking it a step further by wearing printed flats like you see below! 

Shopping Tip: I bought my Leopard Print Flats from Target (last year) for $9!  I recommend checkingTarget to find cute + fashionable flats for a low price!  The jeans are from my friend, Jamie- who so kindly gave them to me for Free! :)

How to Roll Your Jeans: Heels + Jeans
Let's reverse my instructions for Flats and apply them to heels!  Yes! When you're rolling your jeans with your heels, you'll want to keep them closer to the shoe!  If you're wearing a skinny jeans, make your cuff 1"- and 2"-3" for Boot-Cut jeans. 

I bought these heels last weekend at Payless for $29.99! 
They are very comfortable + stylish and will GO with EVERYTHING!
If you want more details on this shoe, go to My Closet and scroll down to the bottom for purchasing details! 

In honor of today's post: How to Roll Your Jeans, tell me in the comments below, what's your favorite pair of jeans to roll up! Do you have a favorite pair of heels or flats? I wanna know! Thank you so much for reading, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, September 5, 2011

Five Fabulous Autumn Accessories

Hi Fashionista!

Is anyone else excited for Autumn?? I am counting down the days until Autumn is official! 18 days to go!  In honor of our countdown to Autumn, I pulled together a list of five fabulous autumn accessories that are a MUST in your wardrobe this season.  Drum roll please.....

1. Floral Scarves! 
Floral patterns normally hit during Spring, but since this scarf has a deep, rich color-tone, it is very appropriate for Autumn. 


2. Feather Necklaces!
Who doesn't love feeling like an exotic princess?  I swear, every time I put one on I feel light, pretty and feminine!  These necklaces range in all sizes. If you want to wear it as a statement piece, bigger is better.  If you're wearing a casual clothing, then you'll want a smaller size. 


3.  Black Opaque Tights
Tights are SO perfect to don on a cool autumn night.  They're so versatile that you can wear them in the office or on the weekend with casual clothes.  You know you've got a trusty trend when it goes with all types of outfits and lasts more than a season!  Remember these babies when your girls are wanting to go out on a chilly evening.  Don't skip your dress!  Just add black tights, and rock it, Fashionista!

4. Slouch Hats
Don't you want to be this girl?  She looks so chic and cozy in her slouch hat! It's like cuddling in your softest blanket 24/7!  The slouch hat is a casual yet chic way to keep warm during Autumn.  This accessory looks great with soft sweaters, carigans, peacoats, and so much more.  Don't be afraid to mix it up!  The cheapest ones I scouted out are at!

5. Leg Warmers!
Leg warmers are like socks just without the footing.  Just as it sounds, leg warmers are meant to keep your legs warm while you're wearing boots!  Now more than ever, leg warmers are ranking high on the autumn accessories list since they come in all types of fabrics and prints to accomodate your look.  I am wearing Foot Traffic Camel Argyle socks  to coordinate with my Abercrombie preppy kind of style.  They only cost $10!

Out of the five fabulous autumn accessories, which were your favorite? Tell me your answer below!  If you like this post, feel free to share with your friends!  Thank you, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach
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