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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Victoria's Secret Summer Dress Sale!

Hi Fashionista!
I was in the middle of clearing my inbox when I saw this awesome sale going on at Victoria's Secret! Victoria's Secret summer dress sale is going on right now, which means, you will receive 20% off all Summer dresses until tonight. 
(I know! I wish I saw this sooner- forgive me!)

Here's what I'm picking up....

Smocked Strapless Dress (originally $55) Now $24.99- BUT with 20% equals: $19.99!
Oh yeah! How do you like them apples? LOL
So hurry up and go check out Victoria's Secret Summer Dress Sale while the savings lasts!
Your Fashion Coach

Monday, August 15, 2011

My Favorite LOFT Tops

Hi Fashionista!!  I went to my local mall last week to use my rewards card at my favorite cooking store. When I was done shopping there, I walked by LOFT (formerly known as Ann Taylor Loft) and was dazzled by their alluring store window.  I walked inside the store with the oh-so-familiar tale of "Oh, I'm not going to buy anything, I just want to look" kind of assumption.  But when I saw gorgeous jewelry, sparkling cardigans, and fancy tops {on SALE no less!!} seducing me from all angles I just couldn't resist! Hey! I had a $30 credit!! ;)

In all seriousness, the One SALE that caught my attention (that I think is worth every LOFT Lover's attention) is: Buy 3 tops for $35!  These tops aren't boring either- they are CUTE, FRESH and worthy of your hard-earned dollar.  Here are my favorite LOFT tops I am talkin' about... :)

Slub Cotton Dolman Sleeve Shirt
 In my opinion, these photos don't do the products justice.  The colors  and fabric are more brilliant and bright than what you see above!  My favorite colors are: Bold Teal, Cream and Royal Navy (which is a dark purple). The fabric is very soft and cozy.  I really like the banded bottom.  To me, it looks fresh and clean cut, while maintaining a loose and comfortable silhouette.  

I love wearing this top with jeans and bold jewelry for a fun day time and evening look.   Keep in mind that the sizing is a little different.  If you're normally a Small, then make sure you get an Extra Small. 

Of course I couldn't resist this top- that was NOT included in the sale....

Stripe Tee
Stripe Tee $39.50  I bought this top in Gray.  I loved it in Green and Blue too! The fabric and bold print just won my heart!  I had to get it the moment I saw it peak out at me from the corner of the rack.  Trust me, you'll know what I'm talking about when you shop there next time! 

I hope you enjoyed my favorite LOFT tops!  I suggest you get to your nearest LOFT store and take advantage of their sale!  Do you have a favorite LOFT top?  Let me know by leaving a comment below!  Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

How to Wash It Wednesday: Skirts

Hey Sweet Fashionista!
It's time for another How to Wash It Wednesday: this time we're talking about skirts!  Skirts are one the most frequently worn items during Summer that it only makes sense to talk about how to wash it! 

So, here is what YOU need to know about washing your skirts.....

How Often Should You Wash Them?  After 4-5 wears

What to Know:  Chances are you're not doing anything strenuous in skirts (can you imagine squatting in a pencil skirt? Awkward!) so you can wear them multiple times.  Just refresh nonsilk fabrics with a 10-minute spin in the dryer with a dryer sheet. 

Exception to the Rule?  You can be more lenient with circle and A-line styles, which hardly skim the body.  But white and silks are prone to discoloration and should be cleaned after every wear. 

I hope you enjoyed learning a thing or two on How to Wash It Wednesday: Skirts!  Let me know what you thought of these tips.  Was it helpful?  Do you have any tips to add?  Wishing you a wonderful Wednesday!

Your Fashion Coach

Friday, August 5, 2011

What's In A Nail Polish Name?

Hi Fashionista!
After reading the book: Live Like Your Nail Color by Mary Foley, I learned something fun about nail polish: The name of nail polish is just as important as the color. 

When you pick out nail polish, see what it is called before you paint. (Just to be clear, I mean the title of the color- not the name brand).

If it's fun and exciting, use it! If not, ditch it! Why? According to Ms. Foley, the nail polish name predicts what is coming next in your life.

Curious? Give it a try!

{Check out my nail polish to the left! The name? "First Kiss" OOooOh La La!} Haha

Leave a comment below with the name of your nail polish!  Not wearing nail polish?  Check your stock and see what polish names you own.   

Enjoy Fashionista! ♥

Your Fashion Coach

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Wash It Wednesday: T-Shirts

Welcome to another round of How to Wash It Wednesday: T-Shirts!  This post will actually cover t-shirts, tank tops and camisoles.   So let's get to the goods shall we? Ok!

How Often Should You Wash Them?  After EVERY Wear! 

What to Know:  Treat these pieces like underwear.  Why? Because they fit closely to your body, which means they will absorb oil.  After every wear, make sure to wash them in hot water. 

Exception to the Rule:  Stick to the four-hour rule.  If you wore a t-shirt or cami only briefly, there's no need to wash it.  It's okay to put a barely-worn tee back in the drawer every now and then. 

I hope you enjoyed how to wash it wednesday: T-shirts!  If you have a comment, please leave it below!  Have a Fashionable day!

Your Fashion Coach

Monday, August 1, 2011

A New Twist to Office Attire

Hi Fashionista!  Is it just me or do you want to hit the snooze button on the same-ole'-same-ole' black and white office attire combo?  It's dull and only useful when you're making a stellar impression on your boss, potential employer or on a presentation.  When you're trying to stay fresh and fun with your work-style on a daily basis, it helps to know you don't need to buy more clothes to mix it up.  Instead, you can implement my strategy {below} to achieve a new twist on your office attire! Check out my recommendation below...<3
Fall 2011 Powersuit!
  Here's why this works: Notice how I used a classic black blazer + black heels with a floral top + polka dot skirt and it still looks office-appropriate? That's because I used traditional pieces to keep the fun patterns structured.  When you're looking to spice up your work-style, make sure you mix traditional and structured pieces with one or two (at most!) pattern pieces so you always look polished and stylish.  Keeping a balance between these two elements will allow you to play around with your day-to-day office look in more than one way.   

Have fun with your office attire and kiss your black and white combo goodbye---or, until that BIG and important meeting comes around. ;)

Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach
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