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Monday, July 11, 2011

My Favorite Fashion Quotes

Hello Fashionista! If you asked me to tell you one thing about myself that describes me best, I would say these two words: Inspiration. Junkie. Haha. Most of my friends- especially on Facebook, know I am always posting my favorite lines as regular status updates.  Upon waking in the early morning the first thing I grab is my Blackberry to check my favorite quotes and eye-opening messages from Mastin Kipp of The Daily Love.  Or, I'll crack open an inspirational book in the wee-hours of the night, curled up under the sheets (with my flashlight) trying not to disturb my husband's sleep. LOL. I seriously enjoy opening my mind and living beyond my limitations.  So, today I want to open up my inspiration library and help you move beyond your Fashion limitations.  I really hope you enjoy my favorite fashion quotes! 

Favorite Fashion Quotes <3

 "Getting dressed is really about kowing what looks good on you and works on you, not paying attention to trends." ~ Fashion Designer, Tara Subkoff

"Don't obssess over trends. They're in today and gone tomorrow. I wear what I like and turn it into my own thing. Sometimes people like it, and sometimes they don't. But it's always 100% me." - Diane Kruger (Super Talented & Super Fashionable Actress)

"You could wear all solids and carry a print bag, or carry a solid bag and wear a megaprint." ~ Fashion Designer, Diane von Furstenberg

Fashion Affirmation: I will know what I own (down to my socks)!" ~Glamour Magazine

"Rule number 1: Save money when it comes to trendy items- buy those cheap." - Super Sweet & Talented Fashion Designer, Whitney Port

"STYLE:  Statements That You Love Expressed!

 Being yourself authentically is the ultimate in style!" -Mastin Kipp

Do you have any inspirational words to live by? In fashion? Love? Career? Or life?  I'd love to hear them!  Thank you for reading my favorite fashion quotes!

Your Fashion Coach

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