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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How to Wash It Wednesday: Bras

How to wash it Wednesday is a new Summer series to my blog!  Every Wednesday I'm going to feature a how to wash it instruction guide on an article of clothing we wear often during Summer time.  Since you spend your hard earned dollars on your clothes, it makes sense to learn how to care for them, yes?  Yes!  So here we go with our first post: How to Wash It Wednesday: Bras!

How often should we wash them? After 3-4 wears
Bras don't come into direct contact with the underarms, so they can withstand a few wearings.  They need a 24 hour period (between wears) for the elastic to recover, so try a rotation system like this....Line them up in a drawer in the A.M., take a bra from the front, then send it to the back of the line in the P.M.

Exception to the Rule:  Sweating a a lot!  If you encounter profuse sweating- b/c derrr it's hot outside!- then wash your bras daily.  Use gentle baby detergent, like Dreft.  Keeping your bra clean will lengthen the life our beautiful brazierres!

How did you like "How to Wash It Wednesday: Bras"?  Was it helpful?  Or maybe you have more insight into this topic? I'd love to hear!  Thank you for reading, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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