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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Q & A Fashionable Thursday: Heels & Skirt

Q: Hello!! I would like ask you a question! Do you think it's too much wearing high heels and mini skirt at school!? I like the style but sometimes it's shameful.

From Greece {wow!}
A: Hi Eve!

Typically, this is a great party look.  But, there is a way to pull it off at school- tastefully.  The rule of thumb for this is to balance skin exposure.  Since you're going "all-out" below the skirt line you must cover it up at top- especially since you're wearing this to school. 

Wear a jacket, cardigan or light-weight loose sweater.  Choose heels that are 2"-3" maximum- and no higher.  Heel height is imporant because you'll want to walk comfortably around campus while looking day-time appropriate! I hope that answers your question!

Thank you for writing in, Eve! If you have a question for me to answer next week, please email me at info(at)thefashionistacoach(dot)com.    

Your Fashion Coach

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