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Monday, June 6, 2011

Maximize Your Maxi Dress

Hi Fashionista! Have you bought a maxi dress yet?  I've got to say you'll want to add a maxi dress to your summer wardrobe.  Why?  Well, for one thing, it's super flattering on all figures; they're available in a variety of prints, colors, and styles.  Accessories make this outfit more fabulous than a Mai Tai on a Summer's day....or, maybe JUST as GOOD! LOL Here are the best possible ways (I have tried and recommend) to maximize your maxi dress! And...WARNING....these suggestions do not discriminate on budgets, dress size, or social life.  There is something for EVERYBODY! 

Maxi Dress Style Guide!

Diane von Furstenberg strapless dress
$376 -

Antik Batik brown sandals
184 EUR -

LK Designs gold jewelry
95 EUR -

John Lewis green belt
15 GBP -

Bracelets like, bangles, (chunky and beaded is even more fabulous!) work best with a bohemian maxi dress. 

Delicate bracelets work best with soft colored dresses with minimal to no pattern on the maxi dress.  It enhances the minimalist and somewhat romantic undertone to the overall look.

Earrings are like candy to this outfit.  In fact, the bigger the earrings the sweeter you'll look! Hoops and chandelier earrings in exotic metallic colors and rich coral tones are delicious with a maxi dress! So...try this accessory first...and it might be all you need! ;)

Elaborate necklaces also work well if the neckline is low or if your maxi dress is strapless.  There is more real estate on your decellote to display massive (yet, stunning!) jewelry pieces like these.

Loong Beaded Necklaces are the safest bet.  You can easily dazzle with a printed or solid maxi dress.  If you're ever in doubt what to use with your maxi dress, choose a long beaded necklace.  It's hip and trendy and adds a little flair for daytime or night time look.

Scarves are fabulous if you're looking to make a preppy statement.  They also have a hidden night time feature.  Say you're out with a cutie and it gets a little chilly sipping cocktails on the patio at a restaurant, you can always use your scarf to cover your shoulders and wrap around ya! (I've done this many times and love the dual fashion function! ;)

Belts (large and skinny!) work wonders for the maxi dress. It defines your waistline, or adds sophistication, say if you're wearing a maxi dress to the office.  There are endless amounts of belt styles, colors and sizes- in all price ranges (I bought one for $3 once!) so it's really easy to incorporate a belt with your maxi dress.

A Blazer works for work! Sophistication is key in this scenario, so add a blazer to your maxi dress (and perhaps a belt too!) to maximize your maxi dress beyond weekend time.

Cardigans are essential. End. of. story. Maximizing your maxi dress truly counts when you mix a carigan with your maxi dresss.  I am such a fan of pairing cardigans and maxi dresses because there are countless colors, styles, prints, and patterns. 

You can maximize your maxi dress just by wearing different accesories with your preferred style of maxi dress.    The pattern and print of your maxi dress will guide you to the best type of accessory to choose., in addition to the type of event you're wearing your maxi dress to!  Feel free to leave a comment in the box below to tell me what you like about your maxi dress.  I hope you have a fabulous week, Fashionista!
Your Fashion Coach

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