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Friday, June 24, 2011

{Giveaway!} Fashion Wardrobe Makeover

Bonjour Fashionista!   I've been working like crazy on my online fashion styling program.  While I was putting the last bits of details in place I thought of you.  Check out the photo to the left.  Does your life look like this?  Maybe this is a normal Monday morning for you? Or a typical Friday night- just before a date? You open your closet doors, throw everything on the floor and feel defeated. Why? Because you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear! 
In honor of my "Coming-Out-Party" I am giving you the opportunity to win a free fashion wardrobe makeover with me!  This is totally brand new and I wanted you to be the first to benefit from this!  If you're tired of your life being like or similiar to the girl pictured to the left, then you're in for a SWEET opportunity!   Let me help you get your closet under control and unleash your inner-Fashionista!  Read below for all the details!

What does this Fashion Makeover entail, exactly?

- Two 90 minute Sessions w/me via phone and webcam

- Examining your current "look" and wardrobe

- Learning how to re-style your current apparel for new looks

- Outline shopping priorities based on your budget, lifestyle, and shape

- Note: Winner must own a digital camera, webcam and a Skype account.  If you have a webcam and need a Skype account, please visit to sign up for a FREE account.

Here is how you Enter...

Complete EVERY step below & post your answers in the comment box below.  For example: "I joined your Facebook page and posted a comment.  I am now following you on Twitter.  I am now following your blog. I could benefit from a closet makeover because of x y and z.  It's hard to find pants in my size."  Thank you, Fashionista!

Here are the steps....
a. "Like" The Fashionista Coach on Facebook and post a "Hello" note on the wall! (If you've already "like-d" The Fashionista Coach on Facebook, post a "Hello" note on the wall to fulfill this step. :)

b. Follow me on Twitter!

c.  Follow my blog!  On the homepage (to the right- under "Fashionistas")  click "Follow"

d.  Post a comment below letting me know.....

1. You've fulfilled the steps above 

2. Explain why you could benefit from a closet makeover.  Maybe you are single and looking for the love of your life?  Are you changing careers?  Are you newly married? 

3. Share your greatest fashion challenge.  Is it hard to put outfits together for work/date/weekend?  Is it hard to shop within your budget? Is it hard to pull off a certain look because of body shape challenges?

-DEADLINE for ALL ENTRIES is Thursday, July 7th at 11:59 pm PST 2:59am EST

  I can't wait to give you a Fashion wardrobe makeover!
I wish you the best of luck, Fashionista!

Your Fashion Coach

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