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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Six

Hi Fashionista! Welcome back to Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Six!  We're checking in with our shoe designer to see how the tradeshow in NYC went!  Keep reading on for the details. 

Hey Fashionista! Thanks for joining me today and thank you for the good luck wishes!  I really appreciate your support.  Well, the Sales Team packed up and presented my shoes to other buyers at the Tradeshow in New York City.  We received several orders and lots of feedback.  What do I mean by feedback? Well, buyers have the ability to ask for minor changes to the shoes as they're placing their order.  What does that mean to a shoe designer? It means that I must go back to the drawing board, take there information in, and apply it to my existing shoe designs. 

This can hurt a little bit, because of the hardwork I put into my designs.  Sometimes it's hard to seperate emotions and feedback because as a shoe designer, you become emotionally invested in your unique ideas and passion.  However, if we go back to Week Four's post, we'll remember that we must have thick skin and be open to feedback from peers, colleagues and bosses.  It's always wise to use constructive criticism from an industry professional  (who has more experience than us) and use it to improve our craft.  It's a very good thing to always improve and evolve. Otherwise, we stay stuck and don't excel.  Kind of like life...we must always improve and evolve.

Now, I'm going to take this feedback and apply it to becoming a better designer who creates even better shoes for the marketplace.   If there's anything to learn from this experience, it is this: never fear failure- or feedback. It just makes you a better person overall.  Thank you for reading this week's post! I look forward to hearing your feedback, Fashionista! 

So what did you think about this week's "Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Six"? Inspirational? Helpful? Surprising? We'd love for you to share!  Thank you to our shoe designer for sharing her candid experience with us and wish her lots of luck on her new designs! 

Your Fashion Coach

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