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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Four

We're back for another Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Four!  Last week our Shoe Designer introduced us to an Inspiration Board...and why it's important for shoe development.  This week, our Shoe Designer is going to fill us in on how her presentation went!  To read Week Three's post, just click the title!  Now for our shoe designer.....take it away!

Hi Again, Fashionista!  What a week! My presentation was last week and I had loads to do! Let me back up a few steps and explain the purpose of this presentation.  In a shoe designer's career, you must work as a team- beyond your immediate design team- to make your shoe line a success with major retailers and the end consumer, like you.  So, meeting with the company was necessary in order to educate the sales team (in particular) on where the ideas came from and what it is comparable to in the market place now.  

In order to effectively faciliate this information to them, I had to gather my materials, samples, and trend information to give them a clear picture of what information they will convey to major retailers- when selling my shoes.   In order to be fully prepared for this meeting, I had to make sure the sample got here on time.  What's a shoe presentation without samples of shoes, right?  Then, I had to find out which samples were still in the making.  The shoes that were still in the making needed a special computer aided design to show the material and color in detail.  It's a good representation of the shoe for the meeting even when it's still in the manufacturer's facility. 

The meeting went okay.  I say "okay" because the sales team were questioning if the market was already too saturated with the type of shoes I am designing.  When I say "the market is too saturated" that means that there are lots of shoes in the same style already being sold.  This is not an "ideal reaction" to receive from the sales team, however it's very good feedback. It is important for me to find additional ways to put a unique "spin" on a popular shoe, which will set me apart from the competition. 

In conclusion, we discussed the pro's and con's of my design plan.  With some adjustments, my sales team will be on board because now they know how my shoe line will compare to others.  Which, in turn, makes my shoe line more favorable for retailers to purchase at the upcoming tradeshow (today!)!  So, for now, I'm going to wait for the rest of my samples to arrive from the manufacturer and hope and pray my shoe line does well today at the tradeshow in NYC! (Keep your fingers crossed!)

Wow, I am so intrigued by how much goes into the meetings! How about you fashionista?  As always, we love hearing your comments and feedback in the comments section below!  I hope you enjoyed this week: Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Four! See you next week!

Your Fashion Coach

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