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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Three

Hello again, Fashionista! So glad you're back for "Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Three!" Our shoe designer is showing us more details behind her shoe line, so get ready to read what she's up to this week. If you're new to this series, check out my first post Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer for more information. Enjoy!

Hey Fashionista!
It's me, again! Thank you for being here to check out my crazy shoe-designing-life!
It really means a lot to me. :)
So, last week I shared the importance of a material board and discussed swatches.
But this week, I wanted to talk about an Inspiration Board. 
The picture above is a small snippet of what my inspiration board looks like right now.
Normally, you would think an inspiration board would be created in the beginning- before I started dreaming up a shoe line. But it's actually not the case.
An inspiration board is used in the middle of the shoe designing process as a way to see if I am on target with the current trends.  In this case, I came across a fantastic piece in a mainstream magazine featuring shoes that are on-trend with my shoe line.
This is a good thing!
Because this proves to the company (and my sales team) that we will be highly competitive in the shoe market.  So, magazine pieces like these help my shoe line gain sales momentum for my sales team to successfully solicit my shoes to major retailers.
Make sense?
As always, feel free to ask me a question in the comment section below (we love those!) or post a question on The Fashionista Coach's Facebook Fan Page.
Amanda and I will be sure to answer as quickly as possible!
Stay tuned for next week's post....I'm presenting my shoe line this week to the sales team.
Wish me luck!

Good Luck to our Shoe Designer on her meeting this week! I'm sure she'll do great!
I hope you enjoyed this week's Follow the Journey of a Shoe Designer: Week Three.  As always, leave us a comment or share this with your friends! See you next week!

Your Fashion Coach

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