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Monday, June 27, 2011

Adam Glassman's 7 Rules for Wearing White Right

Hi Fashionista!  I came across this fabulous article from Adam Glassman's 7 Rules for Wearing White Right in O Magazine.  Since I consider Adam Glassman (O Magazine's Creative Director) a fashion genius (and super inspirational!), I thought we could benefit from his fabulous advice on how to wear a hot trend perfectly.  Who doesn't want access to that kind of information? Read on for Adam Glassman's words of wisdom!
(ONE) Always match your underwear and bra to your skin tone. Leave lace, printed, and white underpinnings at home.

(TWO) When shopping, put your hand behind the fabric to check its transparency. You might even ask the salesperson to let you take an item outside into the daylight.

(THREE) A white dress shirt is always in style. You don't need to spend a lot for nice ones, but replace them seasonally—they have a tendency to yellow.

(FOUR) In the office, stick to sturdier, thicker fabrics (tropical wool; crepe). They look more professional than flimsier ones, like linen.

(FIVE) Unless you're a nurse, avoid white shoes. Match your skin color, or choose metallics or brights.

(SIX) Apply perfume before getting dressed (to prevent staining); makeup after (to avoid smudging when pulling on clothes).

(SEVEN) For the occasional spill, use Goo Gone Mess-Free Pen ($4.50) or a Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover Pen ($9 for three), which you can carry in your bag.

I loved "Rule 5" the most because I ordered all-white sandals from Victoria's Secret and I felt really funny wearing them!  Similiar effect of over-bleaching your teeth- lol! Which rule from Adam Glassman's 7 Rules for Wearing White Right did you find most helpful?  Feel free to share your thoughts below! Wishing you a fabulous day, Fashionista!

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