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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Style Icon are Surfers!

How many people wish they could be at the beach right now?  Why do you think so many people feel this way? Well there are plenty of reasons why us Fashionistas would love to be there...especially now that Summer is on the horizon!  Here are 5 reasons why I think the new style icons are surfers!

1. You can have effortlessly wild & sexy hair just by spending a day at the beach vs. spending hours perfecting the "straight 'do" in your bathroom
2. You get to wear comfortable & stylish flip flops vs. Wearing uncomfortable stilettos
3. You get glowy skin by playing in the water vs. Laying in a yucky tanning booth
4. You boost your happiness with a little sun exposure & outdoor exercise vs. Exercising inside under fluorescent lamps
5. Your outfits easily go together and look sexy vs. Planning the "right" outfit in advance

What's not to love about sexy hair, beautiful skin, a positive outlook on life, in shape physique and hot outfits?! It's plain to see that the new style icons are surfers! What do you think? Where can you purchase cute surf-inspired clothing and shoes? Try Roxy! ( - they're my favorite!

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