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Monday, May 16, 2011

Fabulous Bathing Suits on a Budget

Tis the season to shop for fabulous bathing suits!  I know you'd love to own a fabulous bathing suit on a budget, versus paying boo-koo bucks for a designer one, right?  Well, I've done a little research and found 3 places that sells fabulous bathing suits to suit your budget!  Some places are super budget-friendly that you won't pay more than $11 a piece!
Ready to find a fabulous bathing suit? Thought so!

Bathing Suit Top: $10.80
Bathing Suit Bottoms: $9.80

Bathing Suit Top: $14.95
Bathing Suit Bottom: $12.95

Bathing Suit Top: $18
Bathing Suit Bottom: $16

Here's a little fabulous bathing suit tip before purchasing: Don't get caught up in sizes.  Try the size bigger and smaller than you usually wear to see what works best!
Hope you found this post "Fabulous Bathing Suits on a Budget" helpful! 
Learn What the best type of swimsuit is for you before purchasing your new bathing suit!

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